AdAdapted Introduces Direct, A Self-Managed, On-Demand Mobile Shopping List and Digital Cart Advertising Solution

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AdAdapted Direct puts the power of AdAdapted’s shopper-verified audience and patented technology in the hands of marketers, empowering them to compete & grow by getting products on shopping lists and into the carts of consumers. 


AdAdapted, the leading shopping list marketing and insights platform built for CPG brands, agencies, and retailers today announced the launch of AdAdapted Direct, an on-demand, self-managed advertising solution built to make consumer marketing easy and accessible to any size business. 


Today’s marketers need control over their brand, audience and budget as they launch new products, enter new markets and drive for growth. While there are many tools available to increase awareness, they often lack connection to actual purchase results. Additionally, marketers have scarce options for easy-to-use, self-serve advertising solutions.


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