Most Popular Categories and Brands in Dairy by List Activity

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For many CPGs, grocery list app data is an untapped resource that can offer previously unknown insights into their category and competitive brands. In this series, we will examine user list behavior in popular CPG categories and how different well-known brands perform within them.


Search Performance

Many leading CPGs incorporate AdAdapted’s Keyword Intercept solution into their campaigns to supplement the AdAdapted Add-to-List tactic. These groups purchase exclusive rights to search terms within AdAdapted’s grocery list network, which allows them to promote a product to consumers who typed certain keywords. “Butter” and “Feta” have been among the best performing dairy-related keywords.

Popular Dairy Products

Cheese makes up a significant portion of the dairy products consumers add to their shopping lists; not only is it the most frequently added dairy item, but two other variations (cheddar and shredded cheese) land in the top ten. 

Staples like milk and butter are second- and third-most popular, respectively. Coffee-related items such as creamer and half and half make appearances in the top ten.

Dairy Category Popularity Chart

Cheese: Popular Items and Brands

Considering that feta, parmesan, and swiss were among the best performing keyword search terms, it is unsurprising that they are also in the top ten most popular cheese types. Consumers express an affinity for both shredded and sliced cheese; many take the extra step of denoting this when building their lists.

Cheese Popularity Chart by Category

Velveeta is far and away the most popular brand among grocery list shoppers in AdAdapted’s grocery list app network, followed by Kraft and Laughing Cow. 

Cheese Popularity Chart by Brand Name

Yogurt: Popular Items & Brands

Greek yogurt is the most popular type of yogurt, while Chobani is the most frequently added brand. Kid-friendly items like Go-Gurt and Danimals also cracked the top ten most popular brands.

Yogurt Popularity Chart by Category
Yogurt Popularity Chart by Brand Name

Frozen Desserts: Popular Items & Brands

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream make up a sizable portion of the most popular frozen dessert items, but bars and individually packaged items also make appearances. From a brand standpoint, this is reflected in the popularity of Skinny Cow, Magnum, and Klondike.

Frozen Desserts Popularity Chart by Category
Frozen Desserts Popularity Chart by Brand Name
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