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Shopper / Add-It™

Get your brand on consumer grocery lists.

Exclusive shopping list data and mobile scale, Add-to-List:

  • Adds branded products to shopping lists with a single, frictionless click.
  • Targets primary shoppers in grocery list, retailer, and lifestyle apps with contextually relevant ads.
  • Increases purchase intent by getting on the list during pre-shop planning and getting your brand referenced in-store.
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Coming Soon! eCommerce / Add-to-Cart will be added to Direct.

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eCommerce / Add-to-cart

Drive online sales by getting your brand in the digital cart.

Leverage AdAdapted’s first-party data to get your branded products in the digital cart to drive eComm purchases. AdAdapted’s eCommerce / Add-to-Cart strategy:

  • Reaches consumers outside of retailer apps or websites.
  • Drive incremental sales online.
  • Supports grocery retail buyers’ e-commerce objectives.

Case Study

360% Purchase Intent Lift for Dairy Alternative

Ripple Foods partnered with AdAdapted to build awareness and trial through various add-to-list campaigns. Results included: 0.38% add to list rate, 360% lift in purchase intent, and 100% lift in brand awareness. 

Ripple Foods Campaign

Brand Awareness

Increase visibility, drive purchase, create meaningful connections.

Inspire consumers to believe in your brand, direct them to your brand pages, and engage with your products

  • Reach our 100MM+ primary shoppers in geographies where your product is sold!
  • Contextually relevant ads that increase effectiveness by 30% according to IRi.
  • Drive to any landing page; promote e-commerce.

Retail Grocery Circular

Create a modernized circular experience

Launch your circular experience into the digital space and allow consumers to engage with weekly promotions.

  • Develop your ad creative enabling shoppers to click to view the digital circular.
  • Customize the circular to showcase a range of products.
  • Enable consumers to add the promoted products to their shopping list or digital cart.


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Performance Tracking

Real-time campaign dashboard gives transparent visibility of ad performance.

Easy-to-read results dashboard to give you confidence your campaign is working for your brand!

  • View the pace of campaign spend to ensure you are on budget.
  • Track KPIs to understand which creative and messaging is resonating with consumers through:
    • Clicks
    • Add-to-List Actions
    • Add-to-Cart Actions

Specialized Targeting

Ensure efficient targeting through our exclusive database of shopping list app users.

Target shoppers where you need to grow at your own budget!

  • Target database of 100% primary household shoppers.
  • Drop pins or upload store addresses to pick the locations where your products are distributed.
  • Geotarget your audience where you need to build trial, awareness, or sales.


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