The Four Reasons To Advertise in Grocery Apps

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How do you find your ideal audience? All marketers are trying to answer this question at some point. No brand wants to waste ad spend on uninterested consumers or advertise in the wrong places. This is especially true for smaller and mid-sized brands that tend to have limited resources.


Emerging brands have to be smart with the advertising tactics they utilize because they cannot afford to waste dollars. One issue they face with many media tools is inefficient targeting of ads to the wrong consumers. Instead, they need to adjust their targeting to find consumers who want their brand and constantly attempt to catch shoppers’ attention. 


So how do you find qualified shoppers? The answer: Reach them on mobile shopping lists. 


Why shopping list apps? 


Consumers use shopping list apps to plan out their next grocery trip. This is quite literally the moment that shoppers will decide what to buy. Advertising in grocery list apps means that your brand is showing up right when they are in a shopping mindset, looking for grocery products, which leads to higher engagement and better return on ad spend (ROAS) than traditional digital advertising. 


89% of Americans use their phone to remember what they will buy in the store. Getting on their list drives a brand’s in-store recall and sales. Learn why Shopping List Advertising is the exact solution that your brand needs. 

     1. Targeting 100% Verified shoppers = Reducing wasted impressions

Skip the headache of trying to figure out targeting on self-serve platforms like search and social. Consumers who have digital shopping list apps are using them because they intend to actually purchase groceries. Every impression you serve will be to a qualified grocery shopper. No ad spend will be wasted on reaching a disinterested audience.

     2. Reaching them in the right mindset = Driving greater Purchase Intent

Target and influence shoppers’ decisions by advertising to them when they are choosing what to buy and building their grocery lists. Because shoppers put items on their grocery list that they intend to buy, showing up matters!

     3. Getting on the Shopping List = Standing out from the competition

Advertising to shoppers to get your branded product on their list before they enter the store means getting them to choose your product before they see competitors on the shelf. Shoppers reference that list in-store, where they will look for your brand. Your brand will stand apart from the competition before shoppers even enter the store. 

     4. Geotargeting capabilities = Increasing Ad effectiveness

Geotargeting around locations where brands sell their product helps them to be efficient with their ad spend. Brands can be as granular as they need by honing in on store locations or through broader regional targeting.  Geotargeting to known shopping list app users will increase ad effectiveness even further. 


Reaching qualified shoppers does not have to be a difficult task. Knowing when and where to reach them is the key to improving ad performance, spending efficiency, and increasing purchase intent. Where are the shoppers? In shopping list apps.


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