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Mobile ad units have never been more effective at driving sales.

Our products offer unique utility, uninterrupted user experiences, and drive purchase intent more than any other mobile advertising strategy.

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Add-to-list / Add-It™

Get your brand on consumer grocery lists.

The power of exclusive shopping list data combined with the scale of the mobile universe. AdAdapted’s Add-It offers the ability to:

  • Add products to shopping lists with one click
  • Real-time measurement of consumer purchase intent
  • Target in-market shoppers in grocery and 3rd party apps

Strategies best suited for Add-to-List:

eCommerce / Add-to-cart

Drive online sales by getting your brand in the digital cart.

By leveraging AdAdapted’s first-party data brands can get in the cart and drive digital purchase. AdAdapted’s eCommerce / Add-to-Cart strategy offers the ability to:

  • Proactively reach consumers outside of retailer apps or websites.
  • Support grocery retail buyers’ e-commerce objectives.
  • Drive incremental sales online.
  • Reach consumers both online and offline.

Strategies best suited for eCommerce / Add-to-Cart:

Keyword Intercept

Intercept your shoppers.

A consumer starts typing “milk” in their mobile grocery list app. In that exact moment, your promoted product appears. They click and your product is on the list. What’s better than that?

Strategies best suited for Keyword Intercept:

Case Study

360% Purchase Intent Lift for Dairy Alternative

Ripple Foods partnered with AdAdapted to build awareness and trial through various add-to-list campaigns. Results included: 0.38% add to list rate, 360% lift in purchase intent, and 100% lift in brand awareness. 

Ripple Foods Campaign


Tell your brand’s story and create meaningful connections.

Leverage our first-party data to inspire consumers to believe in your brand, relate to your story, and engage with your products.

Strategies best suited for Aware:


Ask our audience anything.

Looking to understand what priorities are of interest when a consumer purchases your product? Want to know how your product or brand is perceived? AdAdapted’s survey tool can help you capture consumer specific feedback.

Strategies best suited for Survey:


What our clients say about us...

Tile Unit

Create a digital shelf or modernized circular experience.

  • Digital Shelf: Offer consumers a unique, branded experience to learn more about various products while also being able to add to their list.
  • Modernized Circulars: Launch your circular experience into the digital space and allow consumers to engage with weekly promotions. 

Strategies best suited for Tile-Unit:


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