Three Challenges Facing Marketers Using Self-Serve Digital Conversion Tactics (And How To Solve Them)

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Marketers who are trying to reach their target audiences via mobile have many tools available to them. Many exist in a self-service capacity, and provide no differentiation or uniqueness against larger players competing for the same awareness-focused marketing, driving investment up and diluting action. Brands can also consider couponing options or in-store activations to pair with their digital marketing campaigns to win the consumer purchase.


There are several immediate challenges for marketers who leverage these tools. 


  1. RESOURCES: Many existing tools require a significant investment of time and money to see an impact. Smaller and emerging brands have many other priorities to focus on to invest heavily enough to determine whether the investment is driving results
  2. EXPERTISE: The biggest advertising networks can drive awareness but are complicated to manage effectively without significant expertise. Brands must pay a premium for this specialized expertise. A marketer seeking to get the most out of Google Ads or Facebook must either learn the ins and outs of the platform, or invest additional resources into finding a knowledgeable partner.
  3. DISCOUNTED CONVERSION: Coupons and in-store activations are tried and tested methods for driving conversion, each comes with a high cost, impacting margin and doing little to drive loyalty.


Thankfully, there is an emerging Shopping List Marketing platform that advertisers can look to in the digital marketplace that respond to these challenges. This platform provides brand marketers with control over their creative, audience, and budget as they launch products, enter new markets, and drive growth for their brands.


This solution, AdAdapted Direct, drives consumers down the purchase funnel by getting branded products onto shopping lists. This increases purchase intent for brands regardless of size; landing their products on shopping lists that are referenced in-store at the moment consumers are deciding what to purchase. 

Add-to-List phone flow

AdAdapted Direct is available to all marketers seeking to get their products on grocery lists, regardless of the extent of their resources. While one might expect the cost of media that gets products on grocery lists to be significantly higher than general awareness rates due to comparative effectiveness, the CPM costs of AdAdapted Direct are roughly the same. Similar costs and more impactful impressions means a better return that is more easily tied to purchase. 


Additionally, AdAdapted Direct provides access to Shopping List Marketing without requiring them to learn the ins and outs of a complicated platform. With a product image and copy on hand, a marketer can have a campaign live in just a few clicks.


Finally, AdAdapted Direct helps marketers get on lists without discounting their branded products. When shoppers are in store, they’ll see the promoted item on their list and be reminded to buy it. 


For more information on AdAdapted Direct, email or request a demo

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