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Understanding the drivers behind consumer decisions about what they buy at the grocery store is our superpower. We offer a unique approach to aligning CPG brands with category-relevant consumers creating a data-driven connection based upon prior list building activity.
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Founded in 2012 by Molly McFarland and Michael Pedersen, AdAdapted is the leading add-to-list and add-to-cart advertising solution for CPG brands and retailers.

AdAdapted knows exactly what shoppers will buy BEFORE they walk into the store. With our patented zero-bounce Add-It™ technology we get your products on the list and in the cart with the only true one-click solution!
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Frequently asked questions

How many American shoppers use a digital grocery list?

Over a third of American shoppers use their phone to remember what they’ll buy in a grocery store. Whereas they used to rely on texts, emails, and notepad, now they’re turning to apps specifically designed for the tasks. Consumers are turning to a variety of app types to keep track of what they’ll buy, including dedicated grocery lists, health & fitness, recipe, retailer, and productivity apps.

What kind of data and insights does AdAdapted provide to clients?

AdAdapted sees what millions of shoppers add to their digital grocery lists in real-time. These lists are like looking into a crystal ball for what will be bought in-store within a week.

Leveraging this proprietary data set, AdAdapted can provide clients with the following:

Basket Analysis: See what else is on the list with your products. AdAdapted can show our clients alignment and the strength of relationships between any two products, brands, aisles or departments.

Advanced Insights/Custom Data sets: Want to know how recent events affected planning activity for your product or category? How about how your brand is doing versus a competitor? How do trends change over time? Or how are they different region by region? AdAdapted can answer these questions and more to help your brand find the data it needs to stay competitive.

What kind of tracking does AdAdapted support?

AdAdapted can implement all major 3rd party tracking tags that support ads served within mobile applications.

What industries and products does AdAdapted work with?

AdAdapted works with CPG brands, both big and small from food to beauty to alcbev categories and more, the agencies that represent them, and grocery retailers across the nation.

How does AdAdapted prove sales and demonstrate other campaign KPIs?

After surveying a sampling of shoppers that use apps in our network, we know that 81% consumers buy everything on their list. 

AdAdapted also works with third-party measurement providers, including Pathformance, Ansa and more, to provide sales lift and foot traffic studies as part of our programs.

What does AdAdapted need to get started?

As a managed service provider, AdAdapted handles all the heavy-lifting. All we need from our clients are basic assets for the products we’re promoting. AdAdapted’s expert creative team creates all the ads for client review, manages and optimizes campaigns, and provides reporting based on the client’s unique needs. 

Not only do we handle everything, but we do it fast. AdAdapted only needs 10 days from contract to launch — and we’ve been known to execute even faster to help our clients. 

Drive results for your brand with the only true one-click solution

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