Privacy Center

AdAdapted provides a native advertising platform to connect brands with mobile shoppers. Our one-click Add-to-List technology and proprietary SDK allow us to reach verified grocery-minded consumers in an unmatched mobile experience.

AdAdapted respects consumer privacy rights and endeavors to make our use of personal information transparent, fair, and lawful. Please explore our Privacy Center for answers to common questions or read our Privacy Policy to learn about how AdAdapted collects, uses, and discloses personal information.

You can find our full privacy policy here: AdAdapted Privacy Policy

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Who is AdAdapted?

We are an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based software company helping brands connect with mobile grocery shoppers.

Does AdAdapted collect information about me?

AdAdapted collects certain personal information from its publisher partners to serve contextually relevant advertisements, such as unique device identifiers, IP address, location information, interaction data, and information about your device.

Can I opt-out of AdAdapted’s sale of personal information?

Yes. Our Publisher Partners may provide an opt-out feature in their app or on their website (sometimes located in the privacy policy). Alternatively, California residents may opt-out of AdAdapted’s sharing of personal information with third parties by initiating an opt-out request here: Opt-out of AdAdapted.

What applications does AdAdapted work with?

We do not publish a list of our Publisher Partners, but we currently provide service to dozens of popular grocery and recipe apps based around the world. Our Publisher Partners often disclose their use of AdAdapted’s SDK in their own applications’ privacy policies.