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Reach your audience when it matters most.

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Our Platform

Our Tech

Our patented technology creates an unmatched experience.

AdAdapted’s platform is built upon first-party data, proprietary technology, and runs seamlessly to promote your products.

  • Patented one-click Add-to-List technology
  • Proprietary SDK allows us to see data no one else sees
Our Tech
Our Audience

Our Audience

Unique panel of 100% verified grocery-minded consumers.

Exclusive partnerships with 36 shopping list apps guarantee you can target 100% verified grocery shoppers while they are planning their shopping trip, so you get the biggest return on your investment.

  • 110MM+ shopper models / adIDs in our network and growing
  • Built based upon list building apps consumers use to shop and plan
  • Network apps downloaded on over 70MM unique devices
  • Track millions of daily shopping list activities

Our Reason

Why grocery list building apps?

Millions of people use mobile devices and millions of mobile users spend a lot of time in apps they use to plan and shop. Here’s why advertising in mobile grocery list apps should be a part of your strategy.

Engage & Influence

80% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by a mobile device at shelf.

CPG Sales in-store

91% of CPG products are still purchased in-store.

Context is key

48% of shoppers make their shopping list in an app on their smartphones.

Our Data

1:1 Consumer-level first party data.

  • Our platform tracks what consumers add to their list revealing category and product preferences, shopping tendencies, planning habits, and more!
  • Ads are personalized based on list activity and several other shopping triggers, creating a win-win for both the advertiser and shopper.
Our Data
Our Results

Our Results

Campaign performance that exceeds client KPIs.

Our real-time campaign insights dashboard report on:

  • Products added to list, keywords engaged, CTA and more!
  • How shoppers interact with your category and adjacent categories
  • How planning and shopping behavior influences consumer decisions
  • Where consumers add your products to their list 3rd party sales and foot traffic measurement

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