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January 17, 2024

5 CPG Digital Ad Trends You Need to Know in 2024

Welcome to 2024, CPG marketers! Whether you are still feeling unmoored from pandemic shifts or are applauding yourself for the advertising headways you’ve made the past year, we can all collectively agree that the grocery shopping landscape is evolving. Savvy brands adapt their digital ad strategies to reflect both changing consumer behavior and retailer demands to stay ahead of the curve. This blog dials in on five key digital ad trends that marketing pros like yourself can hone in on in 2024 to push CPG brands to the next level. So fill up your Stanley tumbler, and let’s get trendy!

Trend 1 | Use of Digital Shopping Lists is Growing

Forget paper scraps and scribbled notes. Digital grocery lists are on the rise, with 49.6% of consumers relying on them regularly. These lists aren't just a convenience trend but a goldmine of real-time data. Pinpointing precisely what someone plans to buy before they walk through the store doors is not just hocus pocus. The power of pre-shop insights is more than magic, opening up a world of possibilities for targeted advertising.

But the benefits don't stop there. These lists also provide advertisers with unique, differentiated insights compared to historical purchases. Instead of simply knowing consumers bought peanut butter last week, you now know they plan to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches next Tuesday. This context allows you to tailor your advertising with unmatched precision, suggesting complementary ingredients, highlighting deals on bread and jelly, or even offering recipes that incorporate a branded product.

Trend 2 | The Power of Pre-Shop

It's time to move beyond traditional discount-driven marketing. Coupons may motivate purchases, but the real power lies in influencing consumers before they make their shopping lists. Imagine reaching your audience while browsing recipes, exploring diet plans, or searching for meal inspiration. By targeting interests and needs at this crucial high-intent stage, you can build brand loyalty and subtly guide purchase decisions without eroding your margin. 

Think of it as building brand love from the ground up. By targeting relevant ingredients, meal occasions, and health preferences, you deliver hyper-relevant advertising that resonates deeply. It's not just about a single purchase; it's about shaping their shopping list, positioning brands as their go-to choice, and fostering trust and loyalty that translates into repeat purchases week after week. So ditch the discount dance and step into the pre-shop spotlight. It's time to build brand empires, not temporary sales spikes.

Trend 3 | Complement Your Retail Media Networks

Although powerful platforms for brands, retail media networks (RMNs) don’t exist in an advertising vacuum. While they offer invaluable insights, a whopping 75% of CPG purchases still happen in-store, according to NielsenIQ. To maximize your ad reach, complement RMNs with lower-funnel ad solutions like mobile activations and point-of-purchase strategies that bridge the gap between digital impressions and physical shelves. 

The ultimate goal of CPG advertisers in-store is to reinforce your brand message and nudge consumers towards the final decision: adding your product to their cart. It's a seamless, omnichannel journey that maximizes reach, impact, and, ultimately, sales. So, step out of the digital bubble and embrace the full power of the consumer journey, both online and off. This is where CPG brands truly win.

Trend 4 | Take Advantage of All Advertising Micro-Events

Forget the calendar year's traditional twelve holidays (or the upcoming presidential election and summer Olympic games on the horizon!). Big events = big ad CPMs. Alternatively, micro-events sprinkled throughout the year offer unique opportunities to grab attention and boost sales during lulls. From National Pizza Day to National Taco Tuesday, these bite-sized holidays present cost-effective ways to engage consumers and help your brand stand out.

Imagine building campaigns around National Pancake Day (yes, it's a thing!), partnering up with complementary brands for National Sandwich Day, or creating a playful Mother's Day brunch recipe using your product. These niche holidays allow advertisers to align messaging with specific occasions and interests, tailoring your content to delight consumers and subtly influence their purchase decisions. Think of it as adding sprinkles of joy and relevance to your marketing strategy, all while avoiding the bidding wars and saturated ad spaces of traditional holidays.

Trend 5 | Increased Use of Mobile Phones in Grocery Stores

Love them or need a break from them, smartphones aren't just companions anymore; they're grocery store co-pilots. According to a recent AdAdapted independent consumer survey, over 60% of shoppers use their mobile devices to manage their lists while navigating the aisles. This constant connection presents a dynamic platform for engaging directly with consumers at the point of purchase. 

This mobile-driven world opens up a treasure trove of engagement opportunities for CPG brands. Interactive product information, or targeted mobile ads are tactics advertisers can use to seize the moment and influence the final purchase decision. So, harness the power of mobile, step into the aisles alongside your customer, and turn their smartphone into your secret weapon for driving sales and building brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways for CPG Marketers:

  • Pre-shop is prime time: Leverage digital grocery lists and pre-planning apps to gain valuable insights and influence consumers before they make decisions.
  • Critical collaboration: Don't pit different media channels against each other. RMNs, micro-events, and mobile engagement can all work together to create a seamless, omnichannel experience.
  • Impressions aren't enough: Turn fleeting ad views into tangible action by partnering with solutions that bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping. Remember, "Save Now, Buy Later" is the motto of the future.

By embracing these trends and adopting innovative strategies, CPG marketers can unlock the full potential of digital advertising in 2024 and beyond. So, ditch the outdated playbook and start exploring the exciting possibilities ahead!

Want to dive deeper? AdAdapted’s pre-shop experts are always available to help CPG brands turn digital impressions into in-store purchases. We’ve already helped hundreds of brands unlock the power of pre-shop; now it’s your turn. 

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