November 16, 2023

All Aboard the Holiday Express: 5 Ways to Fast-Track Your CPG Brand's Year-End Success

It's that time of year when we're not just tying up bows (and loose ends); we're racing towards the finish line! For CPG brand advertisers, this is your final stop of the year, and we're here to talk about how to maximize your dollars and hit your KPIs before we reach the end of 2023. So, grab your ticket because we're about to speed towards some of the best digital strategies for a successful year-end!

Woo-Woo! Tailored Marketing Coming Through

It's time for your mobile ads to sync with the holiday seasonal cheer. Tailor your digital campaigns to fit into the festiveness of the season. Offer limited-time deals that visually say, "Our fantastic CPG products are the perfect addition to your holiday list!"

Social Media: Full Steam Ahead!

Get those social media engines chugging! Run your social campaigns as efficiently as possible and keep it simple so each campaign responds authentically to the seasonal merriment. Make sure your social teams put a festive twist on end-of-year contests, challenges, and user-generated content that'll shine a spotlight on your products.

E-commerce: Express Delivery

Is your brand ready to meet the increased omnichannel demand with a streamlined e-commerce experience? Make sure that consumers’ online seasonal shopping trips are smooth and quick. Emphasize fast checkout, easy navigation, and highlight those 'get-it-now' deliveries in your ad copy for the last-minute holiday heroes.

Don't Let the Retargeting Train Run Out of Steam

Calling all passengers! Now is the time to remind your website visitors or shopping list app users how your branded items will be great additions to their holiday dinner tables! Utilize retargeting campaigns to ensure they don't miss out on end-of-year deals.

All Aboard the AdAdapted Express

Picture this: An express train that drives sales fueled by AdAdapted's high-speed, high-impact digital advertising platform; go from zero to active campaigns in just three days. Launch a custom campaign, hit your precise target audience, and see results for your CPG products all before year-end. That's like catching the express train to end-of-year success!

Whistles blowing, engines revving—it's time to ride this CPG holiday train to the last stop of the year! These strategies will put your CPG brand in a first-class seat, making the most of the holiday rush and setting the pace for a thrilling start to 2024. So, grab your ticket, find your seat, and partner with AdAdapted to deliver fast, easy, and successful campaigns today!

*We hope our train puns added some excitement to your read, as much as they fueled our enthusiasm for putting this together. All aboard!

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