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May 30, 2024

Beat the Heat & Boost Sales: Alcohol Brand Pre-Shop Planning Strategies for Summer (and Beyond)

With this summer predicted to be one of the nation’s hottest on record, US consumers are poised to be a thirsty bunch. These parched shoppers will have more reason to drink at home this summer, with the cost of restaurant and bar liquor seeing price hikes and big events like the Paris Olympics broadcast from the cool comforts of home screens. 

As summer shoppers face a barrage of marketing messages – both "back-to-school" and "summer fun" – reaching them at the perfect time to purchase adult beverages can be a challenge for AlcBev advertisers.

Here's a secret weapon that top alcohol brands use to connect with consumers who are ready to buy, not just year-round, but especially during peak seasons: understanding the crucial pre-shop planning phase.

This blog will equip you, the alcohol brand marketer, with winning pre-shop planning strategies. By understanding how consumers shop for seasonal gatherings, you can ensure your brand is top-of-mind when shoppers make lists and browse for inspiration. Let’s dive in and get ready to raise a glass to a successful summer sales (and beyond)!

What is Pre-Shop Planning? Your Alcohol Brand’s Secret Weapon for Seasonal Success

If you haven’t read our recent explainer piece on Pre-Shop Planning, we’ll give a quick overview to set the stage. 

Before consumers hit the stores to stock up for their upcoming meal occasions, there's a crucial decision-making stage known as the pre-shop planning phase. This period is when people gather information, consider their needs, and ultimately decide what products they'll add to their carts. Understanding this phase is critical for influencing purchasing decisions in the alcohol industry.

Here's how pre-shop planning plays out and can help AlcBev brands win during the upcoming end-of-summer season:

  • List Making:  A significant portion of consumers create physical and digital shopping lists. This list-building phase represents a golden opportunity to connect with your target audience, allowing AlcBev brands to target consumers based on demographics, purchasing habits, and location. Imagine reaching potential customers as they build their shopping lists, ensuring your brand is right there when shoppers consider beverage options for their end-of-summer gatherings.
  • Research & Inspiration:  Consumers rarely purchase the first bottle they see on shelves or online. They research new beverages, explore different options, and seek inspiration for their special occasions. This research phase presents another valuable touchpoint. By strategically placing targeted ads during these research moments, you can influence their decision-making process and position your brand as the perfect choice for their summer festivities.
  • Ecommerce Personalization: The online shopping experience offers a unique opportunity to leverage pre-shop planning behavior. By using intent data, AlcBev brands can personalize product recommendations and promotions across digital platforms. This targeted approach increases the chances of capturing attention during the crucial pre-purchase window and nudges consumers towards adding your brand to their virtual carts.

By understanding and leveraging pre-shop planning, you ensure your brand is top-of-mind throughout the critical pre-purchase journey. This way, when consumers head to the store or browse online retailers in the coming months, your alcohol brand will be the refreshing choice they reach for to toast the season.

Beyond the Beach: Summer Celebrations All Season Long

Although often considered an easy, breezy time of year, summer calendars tend to pack in the activities. Local festivals, sporting events, and even backyard movie nights create opportunities for consumers to gather and unwind.

Here's a glimpse into the diverse summer social calendar:

  • Early Summer: Memorial Day weekend kicks things off with a bang, followed by graduations and Father's Day.
  • Mid-Summer: Vacations, beach trips, and Fourth of July fireworks create a festive atmosphere.
  • Late Summer: Local fairs, Labor Day celebrations, and back-to-school gatherings mark the season's final stretch.

Understanding these regional variations is crucial. School schedules, for instance, can significantly impact when the "end-of-summer" feeling arrives. Likewise, local events can create localized surges in demand for adult beverages.

Pre-Shop Planning Strategies for a Sizzling Summer

Summer sales opportunities are significant, but competition is fierce. Here's how AlcBev brands can leverage pre-shop planning to secure their place in shopping carts:

  1. Early Engagement is Key: Don't wait for the first cookout! Consumers enter pre-shop mode well before significant holidays and events. By starting early, you can capture their attention as they begin planning their summer fun.
  2. Targeted Messaging Makes a Splash: Tailor your message to resonate with specific demographics and summer activities. Highlight refreshing options for pool parties, nostalgic choices for reunions, or convenient selections for family vacations.
  3. Omnichannel Strategy for Maximum Impact: Consumers use a variety of channels when shopping. To gain visibility throughout the pre-shopping phase, utilize a mix of online advertising and at-shelf reminders.

By implementing these pre-shop planning strategies, AlcBev brands can position themselves as the go-to beverage for all things summer. Reach the right consumers at the right time with the right message, driving sales and brand loyalty throughout the season!

Data-Driven Targeting with AdAdapted

For brands seeking a decisive pre-shop planning advantage, consider AdAdapted. Our platform utilizes advanced audience segmentation and data-driven targeting capabilities. We can help you reach the right consumers at the right time based on their location, demographics, and shopping behavior. Reach party planners while they're browsing cocktail recipes or sports fans searching for beverages to go with their Olympics-watching event. AdAdapted makes precise targeting a reality.

Want to learn even more about pre-shop planning? Check out our recent white paper!

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