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January 24, 2024

Score More Sales with Timing: Targeting Pre-Shop Behavior Beyond the Big Game

Forget fumbles and interceptions – the real CPG marketing competition happens before consumers enter the store. In the case of major events like the upcoming Big Game, where pre-game planning is key, understanding consumer pre-shop behavior can be your game-winning strategy.

While traditional holidays like Thanksgiving involve meticulous meal planning weeks in advance, the football playoff game presents its own unique shopping opportunity. With a Sunday evening air time and final contenders decided only the week prior, the big game allows for a fast-paced, last-minute shopping frenzy. Think impromptu dips, celebratory snackables, and last-ditch party drink requests thrown into shopping carts just days before kickoff as get-togethers solidify.

So, how can brands capitalize on this short but explosive pre-shop window? The answer lies in leveraging shoppable media. By strategically targeting consumers during the critical 3-5 days leading up to the game, brands can catch them right when the planning begins and convert their excitement into sales! Check out the infographic:

Here's why shoppable media is your MVP for targeting big-game pre-shop behavior:

  • Instant gratification: Forget lengthy lead times. Shoppable media allows consumers to add game-day essentials to their carts and complete purchases with a single click, perfectly catering to the super fans' last-minute rush.
  • Contextual relevance: Target your digital ads where consumers browse recipes, party ideas, or search for game-day inspiration. With better context, you increase the chances of your products catching shoppers’ eyes precisely when they're planning their shopping trip.
  • Frictionless purchasing: No need to leave the party planning zone! Shoppable media eliminates the hurdle of switching to a separate e-commerce platform for purchase, making it seamless for consumers to purchase their snacks and drinks through their favorite online grocery retailer.

But a major football game isn't the only event where pre-shop behavior timing takes center stage. By applying this understanding to other occasions like the televised Olympic opening ceremonies, back-to-school season, or even weekly grocery planning, brands can:

  • Predict peak pre-shop windows: Analyze historical data and consumer trends to identify when planning and purchasing decisions typically occur for specific events or product categories.
  • Tailor content and messaging: Match your advertising to consumers' specific mindsets and needs during different events or holidays.
  • Focus on relevant platforms: Target your ads on the channels consumers frequent during their planning journey, like recipe or nutrition apps, or mobile shopping lists.

AdAdapted can help you master the art of pre-shop targeting, moving your brand beyond traditional, one-size-fits-all advertising to truly connecting with consumers when they're most receptive to making purchase decisions. Remember, the league championship is just one occasion in the larger game of understanding pre-shop behavior. So, ditch the outdated playbook and start leveraging the power of pre-shop planning – because the CPG game lasts all year, and it's all about knowing how to gain yards with the goal line in sight. Click to score a demo today! 

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