June 27, 2024

Unwrap Holiday Success: 4 One-Click Grocery Shopping Solutions

The holiday season brings festivity, family gatherings, and, more often than not, frazzled grocery shopping trips. Between juggling lists, navigating crowded stores, and battling decision fatigue, the holidays can quickly drain the festive spirit. But what if there was a way to simplify consumers’ shopping experience and reclaim some holiday cheer?

Enter the power of one-click ad solutions. These innovative marketing tools allow shoppers to seamlessly add items to their carts or lists with a single click, streamlining the shopping experience and boosting sales for CPG brands. Unlike traditional online ads that take shoppers through multiple clicks and pages, one-click solutions remove friction from the buying journey. Less friction makes shoppers more likely to convert, creating a win-win situation for consumers and brands.

Here's how four brands leveraged single-click digital advertising to conquer the holiday grocery shopping season.

1. One-Click to Increase Basket Size

Many brands try to tackle helping shoppers find that perfect gift, or two, or even THREE, in the case of the modern grooming company known for its high-quality, innovative products. Knowing the challenge of selecting the ideal gift for those who love shaving products, this self-are brand partnered with AdAdapted to create a one-click promotional campaign featuring curated gift bundles, eliminating the need for shoppers to browse and add individual items to their carts.

Shoppers could add a complete, pre-assembled gift set with a single click. This streamlined approach offered significant benefits for both consumers and the brand. For shoppers, it meant a faster and more convenient way to find the perfect gift. For the brand, it translated to increased basket size and a boost in sales during the crucial holiday season. This case study exemplifies the win-win nature of one-click advertising: convenience for shoppers translates to increased brand revenue.

2. One-Click to Select a Favorite Retailer

The holidays are a marathon, not a sprint. Shoppers juggle busy schedules and often need the flexibility to shop online or in-store, depending on their needs and preferences. A leading sweetener brand understood this need and launched a campaign featuring one-click options for adding their products to online shopping carts or store lists, depending on shoppers’ preferences. This omnichannel approach empowered consumers to shop on their terms, whether browsing online recipes at home or planning their grocery list in-store. 

The campaign's success story continues. The sweetener brand’s strategic use of single-click ads not only catered to shopper convenience but also led to a significant increase in list-adds for its branded products compared to its leading competitor. This demonstrates the power of one-click solutions to improve the customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

3. One-Click to Cross-Sell the Brand Portfolio

The holiday season can feel overwhelming for consumers. Between juggling endless to-do lists, preparing meals, and decorating, there's little time or energy left for navigating crowded stores and making countless purchase decisions. A leading major brand addressed this dilemma head-on, creating one-click holiday bundles packed with various "helper" items designed to simplify the season. These bundles might include baking mixes, hot cocoa packets, or convenient side dishes – all curated to ease the holiday workload.

The beauty of this one-click solution lies in its ability to serve two purposes simultaneously. First, it simplifies consumer holiday shopping by offering pre-assembled bundles that address specific needs. The groupings eliminate the need to browse multiple aisles or add individual items to a cart, saving valuable time and reducing stress. Two, these one-click bundles promote brand discovery. By introducing shoppers to a broader range of this legacy brand’s products within the bundle, they might discover new favorites they wouldn't have considered otherwise. This innovative approach by the brand demonstrates how one-click solutions can streamline the shopping experience, foster brand loyalty, and drive sales.

4. One-Click to Inspire with Holiday Recipes

Who says holiday desserts need to be complicated? A leading brand understood the desire for delicious yet easy-to-prepare treats during the busy season. They partnered with AdAdapted to create a campaign showcasing a delightful and uncomplicated dessert recipe. Shoppers browsing for a key ingredient, like marshmallows, encountered a one-click option to add all four recipe ingredients to their shopping list. This approach offered a win-win for both the brand and holiday bakers.

The ad introduced a seamless way for shoppers to discover a new recipe and gather all the necessary ingredients with a single click. It eliminated the need to search for a recipe online and create a separate shopping list. For the brand, the campaign leveraged the power of recipe inspiration to drive sales. By showcasing their products within a delicious recipe context, they inspired shoppers and encouraged them to purchase the necessary ingredients from their branded items. This case study highlights the effectiveness of using recipes to simplify meal planning, inspire purchases, and drive brand engagement during the holidays.

Actionable Insights: Turn Holiday Awareness into Sales

The holiday season presents an opportunity to capture shoppers’ attention and convert that awareness into sales. Here's how you can leverage one-click solutions to maximize your impact:

  • Don't Let Awareness Fade: Holiday marketing campaigns often generate a lot of buzz, but translating that excitement into sales requires a nudge in the right direction. Utilize one-click solutions to move consumers down the purchase funnel. Brands can consider one-click "Add to Cart" options directly within awareness ads, guiding shoppers toward purchasing.
  • Recipe Inspiration is King: Recipes are powerful for sparking inspiration and driving product discovery. Integrate one-click solutions within popular recipe apps like Tasty and SideChef. This placement lets you reach consumers actively searching for meal ideas and contextually add your ingredients to their shopping lists with a single click.
  • Target with Precision: Maximize campaign effectiveness by creating targeted campaigns based on pre-shopping behavior and context. By leveraging purchase intent data to reach consumers, you ensure your message reaches the right people at the most opportune moment, driving sales velocity.
  • The Omni-Shopper Reigns Supreme: Today's shoppers are fluid, regularly moving between online and in-store channels. Cater to this trend by offering a smooth shopping experience regardless of their preferred purchase method.
  • Offer Retailer Preferences: Make choosing a preferred retailer (online or in-store) as easy as one click! This flexibility will foster customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases.

By implementing these actionable insights, you can leverage the power of one-click solutions to turn holiday season awareness into measurable sales results, delighting both consumers and retailers.

Digital Media Built for CPG: The AdAdapted Difference

At AdAdapted, we understand the unique issues CPG brands face during the holiday season. We offer digital media solutions to help you better connect with consumers. Our partnership provides your brand: 

  • Targeting Based on Pre-Shop Intent: Go beyond demographics. Target consumers based on their pre-shopping behavior, maximizing campaign effectiveness and ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time.

  • A Zero-Bounce Add-It™ Solution: Drive in-store and e-commerce sales growth with our patented ad tech that eliminates bounces from traditional online ads. Our one-click functionality ensures a seamless shopping experience, keeping shoppers engaged and moving them closer to purchase.

  • 100% Focus on CPG: Benefit from mobile-centric ads designed explicitly for CPG brands. We understand the nuances of the CPG industry and can tailor our offerings to meet your unique needs.

The holiday season can be a whirlwind, but it doesn't have to be for your grocery sales. Single-click advertising offers a powerful way to streamline the shopping experience, boost basket size, and drive sales.

Ready to conquer holiday grocery shopping chaos and turn awareness into loyal customers? Contact AdAdapted today. Our team of experts can help you craft a winning one-click campaign that brings back ease to holiday shoppers and delivers measurable results for your brand.

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