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AdAdapted Direct allows users to control their destiny, launch in minutes, and determine audience, target, budget and creative. All the benefits of AdAdapted now at your own fingertips, on-demand.

About AdAdapted


of shoppers use apps to keep their grocery list.


Shopper models / adIDs in our network and growing.


of shoppers buy all items added to their digital list.


List building data source you cannot get anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes AdAdapted Direct better than other advertising solutions?

AdAdapted Direct uses its exclusive audience of grocery list app users and targets them with mobile ads that enable the shoppers to add your branded products to their digital shopping lists or eCommerce carts.  Our grocery list app users are verified primary household shoppers and our research indicates that between 80% and 90% of products added to a grocery list or cart actually get purchased.  This means you get the biggest bang for your buck with high quality media to get your product on shopping lists pre-shop and referenced on lists in store during shopping trips.

What makes AdAdapted Direct targeting better than other solutions?

AdAdapted Direct uses an exclusive audience of grocery list app users for targeting its mobile ads.  Our grocery list app users are verified primary household shoppers, meaning we give you direct access to primary shoppers when they are actually thinking about shopping and receptive to your messaging.

How do I get started with AdAdapted Direct?

Click the “Sign-up” button at the top of the page to create an account in minutes.

What industries does AdAdapted work with?

AdAdapted Direct was built for CPGs, Retailers, and the agencies that support them.  We work with food, beverage, cleaning products, alcohol, and many other categories.

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