Drive traffic to your store and increase basket size.

Retailers need a solution to engage mobile consumers. AdAdapted can drive consumers to retailers while also supporting the grocery environment with weekly promoted products, promotion of private label, and more.

Direct Retailers

Weekly Promoted Products

Modernize weekly promotions.

  • Drive engagement and foot traffic to your store.
  • Digitize and personalize content for your shoppers.
  • Allow consumers to engage with your promoted products, learn more and add products to their list.
  • Hyperlocal content at the individual store level.
Weekly promoted products
Drive foot traffic

Drive Foot Traffic

Increase consumer foot traffic to your store.

  • Drive more traffic to your store with add-to-list ads featuring your store name.
  • Remind consumers to pick up specific promoted products at your store.
  • Increase incremental store visits by 55.5%.

Case Study

129.5% Retailer Foot Traffic Lift

Recently a supermarket offering discount, overstocked and closeout products, hired AdAdapted to drive engagement, increase foot traffic, and promote their continually changing inventory.

Grocery Retailer Campaign
See Case Study

Support Mobile Ecomm

Drive product add-to-lists directly to your retailer app.

  • Consumers are looking for easy, simple, time-saving ways to build their grocery lists.
  • Give them the power to add products directly to your retailer app and then purchase in-store, grocery pick up, or delivery.
Support mobile ecomm
Promote Private label

Promote Private Label

Make it easy to add your store label to their grocery list.

  • Private label products are a great source of revenue for your business.
  • Make sure consumers see your products and can add them to the list.
  • Remind them to pick up in your store.

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