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Our Platform

Our Tech

Our patented technology creates an unmatched experience.

Unique, patented, one-click, add-to-list technology connects brands to shoppers right at the moment when they are deciding what to buy, increasing sales revenue, driving new product trial, and building brand loyalty.

  • Patented one-click Add-to-List technology
  • Over 90% of CPG sales are brick and mortar
Our tech
Our Audience

Our Audience

Unique panel of 100% verified grocery-minded consumers.

Exclusive partnerships with 36 shopping list apps guarantee you can target 100% verified grocery shoppers while they are planning their shopping trip, so you get the biggest return on your investment.

  • 110MM+ shopper models / adIDs in our network and growing
  • Built based upon list building apps consumers use to shop and plan

Our Reason

Why grocery list building apps?

Millions of people use mobile devices and millions of mobile users spend a lot of time in apps they use to plan and shop. Here’s why advertising in mobile grocery list apps should be a part of your strategy.

Engage & Influence

80% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by a mobile device at shelf.

CPG Sales in-store

91% of CPG products are still purchased in-store.

Context is key

48% of shoppers make their shopping list in an app on their smartphones.

Our Easy-to-use, Self-serve tool

Easy-to-use marketing tool  to compete against the competition.

Execute your own media communications and receive daily updates through our custom self-service dashboard. Drive high impact messaging while determining your own spend, targeting, and creative, and reading your own results.

  • Self-service dashboard
  • ROAS, Sales Lift, and engagement above industry averages
Our easy to use, self serve tool
Our results

Our Results

Campaign performance that exceeds client KPIs.

Our real-time campaign insights dashboard report on:

  • Products added to list, number of unique users, CTA and more!
  • How planning and shopping behavior influences consumer decisions
  • When and where consumers add your products to their list

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