Get your client's brand on the grocery list.

AdAdapted’s powerful list data and unique ad products help the world’s top CPG meet their most important goals. No one gets products on the list like AdAdapted.

Shopper Marketing

Drive consumers to purchase your brand at a specific retailer.

  • Know what shoppers buy and where they like to buy.
  • Utilize these unique insights to drive sales at specific retailers.
  • Based upon visit history, target around retailers, and co-brand ads to drive to a specific retailer.
Products that compliment this strategy:
Shopper Marketing
Build Awareness

Build Awareness

Tell a story, increase visibility, and inspire purchase.

  • Inspire use of promoted products via recipes, unique content, tips, and more!
  • Contextual relevance increases ad effectiveness by 30% according to IRi.
  • Reach our 110MM+ shopper panel during planning and buying.
  • Drive to any landing page; promote e-commerce.
Products that compliment this strategy:


Promote your new product and get on the list.

  • Promote new products by finding in-market shoppers.
  • Target shoppers that have your category and similar products on their list.
  • Intercept shoppers when searching for relevant keywords.
Products that compliment this strategy:
Promote New Product


99.8% Incremental Products Added-to-List

We often run into barriers when it comes to connecting online media to in-store sales for CPG brands, but by easily connecting an impression to an "Add to List," intent was much more clear and measurable. In this way, AdAdapted's platform provided a great solution for our client Ripple Foods, as well as helpful audience insights that continue to inform our overall marketing efforts.

French Market Coffee Campaign
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Grow your brand


You've planted the seed, now let us help you grow it.

  • Increase market share in your category.
  • Get your product on the list and in the cart.
  • Know who your category consumers are, when they purchase, and where.
  • Reach them in critical grocery moments.
  • Build brand persistency and lasting brand loyalty.

Products that compliment this strategy:


Reach in-market shoppers at key moments throughout the year.

Want to meet the mom shopping for back to school lunches? Or the host getting ready for a holiday party?

  • Identify seasonal shoppers based on what’s in their basket.
  • Get your products in their baskets during key holidays.
  • Target them with seasonal inspiring content that drives purchase.
Products that compliment this strategy:
Seasonal promotions
Data discovery


Better data = Better results.

  • Target consumers based on what is already on their lists.
  • Know what consumers will buy before they buy it.
  • Enhance your strategy based on product alignments, category correlations, trends around specific brands, and more!
  • AdAdapted’s one-of-a-kind shopper panel will give your brand the competitive advantage.
Products that compliment this strategy:

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