Drive impulse intentions for lottery consumers.

Know who and where your lottery-minded consumers are and capture their attention pre-purchase. Get lottery on the list, recall preferences, and capture lower-funnel attribution.

Drive to Lottery

Improve engagement and exposure of your iLottery experience.

State lotteries leverage AdAdapted’s audience and targeting capabilities to drive traffic to their own mobile websites where players can learn more about games, apps, or purchase directly through states’ iLottery experience.

What to Expect with this Strategy:
  • Increased performance over industry benchmarks
  • Increased awareness of iLottery platform
  • Increased traffic to your iLottery experience(s)
Drive to iLottery

Case study

0.24% Click Thru Rate (160% KPI Attainment)

Campaign Highlights: 

  • Client ran Always On with AdAdapted
  • Curated a unique audience of lottery users
  • Continues to run with AdAdapted, retargeting user-profiles and preferences

Lottery Impulse Targeting

Drive industry leading performance by reaching lottery consumers pre-shop and in-store.

AdAdapted’s exclusive mpulse Marketplace of shoppers provides the ideal timing, context, and solution for converting impulse to planned purchase by targeting consumers in pre-shop and in-store phases.

What to Expect with this Strategy:
  • Increased performance over industry benchmarks
  • Access to an exclusive audience of lottery-specific consumers
  • 1st-Party Basket Analysis, Foot-Traffic, and Purchase Intent Attribution
Lottery impulse targeting

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