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February 14, 2024

Ignite CPG Sales: Leverage Pre-Shop Data for a Booming Fourth of July

No matter what the weather outside your window looks like (in our case, snow), CPG marketers are already thinking about grilling, chilling, and America’s 248th birthday. The July Fourth holiday isn’t just about fireworks and fun; brand advertisers know this prime food-forward holiday can boost their mid-year sales. But…do you understand the pre-shop habits of your consumers as they prep the grill before the celebration? Check out our latest infographic for at-a-glance Independence Day grocery planning insights while we dive into more of the data below!

11 Days to Go: Planning Pros & Last-Minute Hosts

This past year's data reveals some interesting trends in consumer shopping habits. While most July Fourth grocery planning happens about a week before the holiday, some categories see earlier spikes. For example, AdAdapted pre-shop insights reveal liquor shoppers start stocking up 11 days prior, indicating they like to plan their cocktail bases (perhaps leaving it open-ended for last-minute mixology inspirations). Mixers join the party closer to the holiday, showcasing hosts’ last-minute decision-making. 

Tip:  AlcBev brands, take note! Cater your marketing during the Fourth to early planners and last-minute hosts, offering timed messages for each group. Knowing these consumer planning windows can help allocate ad spend more efficiently, giving you a leg up on 2024 strategy. 

9 Days to Go: Fun Beyond the Food

It’s not the Fourth of July without fireworks, and celebrators are planning nine days in advance of the big night to procure their sparklers and Roman candles. AdAdapted insights demonstrate that the fun is often planned before the food! 

Tip: CPG brands might consider promoting themed bundles that include food and entertainment essentials (like glowsticks, sparklers, blinking necklaces, etc). With this strategy, you might “spark” consumers’ attention earlier in their planning journey!

8 Days To Go: Grilling Gets Serious

Okay, now we are down to brass tacks! With slightly more than a week to go before the holiday, grilling essentials like ribs, hotdogs, burgers, and buns see a predictable surge eight days before the Fourth. Consumers are clearing out fridge space to make room for their refrigerated mainstays, which are bound to be the centerpiece of the July Fourth meal. 

Tip: Don’t forget the non-meat eaters! If your brand caters to those with varied dietary preferences, position yourself to those audiences with your messaging. Look for ways to target those individuals; putting your spend against those most likely to buy your product. 

6 Days to Go: Sides Take Shape

While popular proteins surge a few days earlier in consumer planning, pay attention to the sides! Cole slaw, pasta salad, and delicious dips see a six-day-out planning window when guests are researching and looking for new recipes to impress their friends and family at potlucks. 

Tip: CPG brands can highlight sides in their Fourth of July promotions while considering bundled promotions where meats and sides have a natural pairing. Sides also perfectly lend themselves to recipe-based ad targeting, a way CPGs can insert themselves into pre-shop planning activities with shoppers who actively intend to buy. 

5 Days to Go: Count Your Condiments

Mayo, ketchup, and mustard join the Independence Day planning party later in the game, five days before the Fourth. This later stage planning appearance suggests these pantry staples might be afterthoughts (“We’re out of ketchup?”) or purchased by party guests. Although thought of near the end of the shopping journey, many party-goers would be a little miffed if left off the menu, so don’t forget the condiments! 

Tip: Condiment brands can look for opportunities where they are brought back to the forefront of shoppers’ minds with contextual advertising. Recipes are an excellent way for condiments to show up alongside menu mainstays, making shoppers’ lists and carts just in time for the grilling get-togethers. 


The Fourth of July is just one example of a special occasion where brands can use the power of pre-shop intent data. By partnering with AdAdapted, you can leverage those pre-shop insights to power smarter marketing campaigns for any holiday, season, or product launch. Imagine reaching high-intent consumers at that critical pre-shopping moment, influencing their decisions before they even hit the store. That's the power of pre-shop planning. Ready to ignite your CPG brand? Contact AdAdapted today!

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