November 21, 2022

3 Advertising Must Dos Before the End of 2022

2022 is coming to a quick close. Now is the time for marketers to take stock of the past year’s wins and losses and look to activate plans for 2023. But November and December don’t need to be a lame-duck marketing season in terms of making changes that impact this year’s results. There’s still time to make quick changes and see positive outcomes before the new year. So let’s discuss three must-dos advertisers can implement now for 2022! 

Prioritize The Omnishopper

Shopper behavior has been changing. The pandemic sped up the shifts already underway, specifically the increase of consumers using multiple methods to shop for groceries. Shoppers aren’t beholden to one way of buying goods, which shows in the data. According to NeilsenIQ, CPGs can currently count on 85% of sales to come from omnichannel consumers who shop across online channels and physical stores. 

Omnishoppers are nimble and continue to make shifts in their behavior as economic uncertainty impacts their circumstances. According to ECRM, “Some will buy private brands, some may eat out less, or trade down or up in categories, make shopping lists to limit waste, and may shift among channels to shop for the best value.” 

CPG marketers can quickly tap into some of these methods, like shopping lists, that the omnishopper prioritizes to help make purchase decisions. Understanding how this behavior has become increasingly important to consumers, brands can seek advertising partners who can help market strategically to the value-conscious shopper before they head to the store or when they demonstrate purchase intent. 

Check In With Your Target Audience

Have you found, over the past year, that your target audience has shifted? For example, you may have noticed that your product has found a niche different from your initial target. Or you’ve noted a subset of your audience is more receptive to your brand messaging. But perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to reflect on a possible shift in your audience at all. 

Now is the time to pause and review who best engages with your brand and buys your product. Ask yourself, does your advertising outreach resonate with your current target audience? Do your initial KPIs reflect your evolved measurements for success? And most importantly, are you reaching the right audience at the right time? 

Based on your resources, specific digital advertising channels may offer the quickest way to optimize toward your ideal customer profiles. Consider how digital partners can contextually target or enhance your audience demographic, and ask how quickly they can implement campaigns. Timely and targeted campaigns can enable brands like yours to ramp up incremental sales before the year is out.

Ensure You’re Reaching List-Builders

The end of the year is possibly the premiere time for shopper list-making. The number of these mobile list-builders is growing, and they prove time and time again to be an invaluable audience for brand advertisers. How so? Well, 80% of consumers who add a product to their list buy it! So there is real shopper intent behind those list items.

And, when a brand makes it onto a shopper’s list, the purchase intent is boosted for that shopping trip and future purchases. The nature of mobile list-making allows for an increased chance of recurring transactions due to the ease of repeating past purchases. So once your brand gets on the list, the staying power is catapulted. 

Bonus Must Do: Launch An Add-to-List / Add-to-Cart Campaign! 

So speaking of lists and audiences, it’s not too late to get your products on consumers’ shopping lists this year! AdAdapted specializes in placing branded items onto valuable shoppers’ mobile lists and into ecarts. In fact, we’re humbled to say that we recently won the Best Native Advertising Platform for the second time from Digiday. 

When time is running out in 2022, you need a partner who can activate quickly and drive results. If you have funds to be spent this quarter, AdAdapted can launch ad campaigns in as few as three days, getting your branded items to replace generic products on shoppers’ digital lists! 

Reaching shoppers when it is most relevant to them (when they are making their lists) is truly the icing on the cake for advertisers. AdAdapted is the one-stop advertising solution for brands to get on the lists that overwhelmingly influence what gets purchased in stores. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get in front of your ideal customers this year, we’d love to chat! 

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