September 18, 2019

3 Data Points You Should Be Using on Your Next CPG Mobile Ad Campaign

Many CPG digital advertising pros are searching and reaching for new ways to engage their target consumers and, when it comes to mobile advertising in the CPG space, the array of options to invest in are endless. How do you separate the intelligent options from the others? And how do you know what will work best for your brand or client? A good place to start is to make sure you’re using a platform that collects information about how your consumers grocery shop and gets smarter every time someone engages.

We’ve pulled together a few data points you should be using for your CPG mobile ad campaigns and how those data points can inform both your current and future campaigns and make for a more successful campaign outcome.

Data Point #1: Add-to-List, the Leading Data Point for Measuring CPG Campaign Success

Most mobile ad platforms report on basic signs that consumers are interested in your brand or product; impressions and clicks. Furthermore, it has always been difficult to gauge interest in grocery goods versus clothes and other non-perishables. In the CPG space, only a few platforms employ a unique Call-to-Action (CTA) in their ad units. A CTA within an ad unit gives grocery shopping consumers a unique opportunity to take real steps toward purchasing the advertised product.

Consumers don’t build lists and then abandon them, unlike online carts. Therefore when a product is added to a grocery list, it is a clear indication that this consumer is at a minimum interested in buying the product and, more likely, planning to purchase that product next time they are at the grocery store.

Below is an example of a campaign where this particular brand engaged AdAdapted, an add-to-list advertising platform, to drive purchase intent via add-to-list. This chart clearly indicates the correlation between implementing an add-to-list solution and increased sales.

Charts for Blog Post_Aug2-1
Vitamin Brand sales/purchase intent directly relates to timing of AdAdapted campaigns

Data Point #2: Category Preferences and Product Adjacencies

Do your advertising solutions help you understand your target shopper better? For example: Can you see what other products your consumer buys? Does your ad partner target based on health profile, food preferences or cooking preferences? With companies like AdAdapted, you can see a variety of product adjacencies to help inform your CPG mobile ad campaigns.

For example, when AdAdapted runs a grocery list basket analysis, we can find out what items are most likely and least likely to be on a shopping list alongside a specific product. Are people using beans as a side for grilling? AdAdapted can see if the people that are buying beans are more or less likely to also buy things like hotdogs or buns than the average consumer.

Another good example is a recent campaign for a dairy-alternative product. The hypothesis was that consumers who bought dairy alternative products would be consumers who didn’t eat dairy or were more health-conscious than the average consumer.

However, when reviewing the list data, it was discovered that the consumers who added or engaged with the promoted product were also over-indexing on things like “string cheese” and “diet coke”. These insights helped the client refine their target consumer profile from “dairy-free, health-enthusiast” to a consumer who is looking for dairy alternatives to reduce how much dairy they consumer as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Dairy Alternative Milk Brand indexg high with products like potato chips and cheese sticks tells us that this particular brand of alternative milk consumer is not necessarily dairy-free or super health conscious

Data Point #3: Grocery List Activity and List Cross-Offs

When you utilize a grocery list in-app ad platform you can start to build upon a variety of activities that are seen when consumers build their lists, in addition to just list-adds. Companies like AdAdapted use deep insights based on consumer list building activity to uniquely target consumers. Knowing what gets added to the list and then crossed off based on list history is a critical piece of targeting and retargeting information that goes completely unknown, and therefore unused, in most ad platforms. By working with a platform that does have this unique list building data, campaigns can become smarter, more effective and you can rest assured that the right consumer is engaging with your content during their grocery shopping or planning activities.

Charts for Blog Post_Aug3-2
Sample list building activity during a weeks time

In conclusion, using a platform that is able to build upon these three critical data points produces better campaign performance overall because the data is contextually relevant and exponentially more useful to CPG brands and advertisers. If you’re interested in learning more about how AdAdapted utilizes these data points for campaign success please reach out.

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