June 20, 2019

6 Blogs Every CPG Marketer Should Follow

If you’re working in CPG or Grocery as a brand marketer, digital advertiser, or agency team member then you know that keeping up with the latest news and trends isn’t easy. Today, the CPG landscape moves at a rapid pace — with new brands popping up every day, retailers experimenting with different ways to shop, and the digital landscape evolving at lightning speed. We all need to figure out how to hang on!

Here are a few blogs and sites that the AdAdapted team uses to stay up-to-date. Bookmark these favorites and you’ll look like a CPG expert at your next strategy meeting.


Looking for a quick read that will keep you up to date on all the major transactions and happenings in CPG? Self-described as “Business journalism for leaders in the food industry” Food Dive is a straightforward, no-frills summary of what’s happening with CPG and Retailers.

A comprehensive source for industry news (mostly about big brands and large stores), Food Dive covers a wide variety of topics ranging from food safety to category trends to new marketing campaigns by the world’s top manufacturers.


For grocers, or anybody marketing CPG products that sell via grocers (ie, not direct to consumer), it’s critical that you also keep up on retailer news.

Coming to you from the same people that brought you Food Dive, Grocery Dive presents “original analysis on the latest happenings in the grocery industry.”

Grocery Dive is a great way to follow new retailer tech, Amazon’s latest moves, partnerships between retailers and brands, and more.


Natural foods are no longer on the fringe. As Natural, Organic, Sustainable and Healthy (NOSH) products become mainstream, traditional CPGs are taking note and other NOSH businesses are keen to stay in-the-know.

NOSH covers the world of entrepreneurial packaged food companies and services and is a great source for brand news, information on new products, expanding distribution, and insider interviews with brand CEOs.

Hangar12: ConsumerTalk

Hangar12 is a CPG-focused agency based in Chicago that helps clients with Consumer Activation, Shopper Marketing, Digital, and more. Kevin Keating, Hangar12’s Founder and President, is an industry vet and his blog covers industry insights and trends from a marketing perspective.

The blog, ConsumerTalk gives its readers inspiration and point of view on current brand marketing strategies, consumer marketing, mobile strategies, social trends and more. Expect shopper insights (like “How Millennials Shop for Alcohol”) and broader insights (like “The Top Trends Impacting Digital Marketing in 2019”) when you visit.

Food+Tech Connect

To really be in the know, you need some insight into what’s happening behind the scenes in CPG. What emerging brands just got investment? What’s the science behind new products? How are advances in sustainability going to change what we see on grocery shelves 12 months from now?

Look no further than Food + Tech connect. Describing themselves as: “…the site of record for food tech & innovation” Food + Tech Connect really is the cutting edge source for the latest “food startup news, trends, investment reports & events”

Go here for a behind-the-scenes look at the future of food, and find topics like food biodiversity, AI in food, personalized nutrition in 2019, and what new CPGs are getting investment.

Supermarket News

A staple for all things grocery, Supermarket News covers a broad spectrum of retailer news and delivers it in bite-sized chunks. Perfect for the busy marketer who still wants to know what’s happening, Supermarket News provides  “competitive intelligence, news, and information to make smart business decisions.”

Go here when you want to know who’s making money, who is not, and what retailers are merging. Sample topics include: Kroger partners with Pinterest, Aldi settles a lawsuit, or Amazon’s new grocery store.

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