August 14, 2019

7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need a New Mobile Advertising Strategy

Time spent on mobile officially overtook TV in 2019, making it critical for CPGs to reach and engage consumers on their favorite device. Some brands have figured it out, while others, despite plenty of dollars exhausted are wondering what they could be doing differently.

Our team looked at what makes a mobile strategy successful and, more importantly, what does not.

1 – You’re still reformatting desktop ads for mobile use

Mobile is a drastically different beast than desktop or web particularly with how ads are experienced by consumers. Your favorite desktop ad design, copy and even strategy will not transfer to mobile. Smaller and typically viewed for less time, mobile ads need to communicate something quickly — within the timeframe of a mobile glance. Take the time to build a separate creative strategy for your mobile ads. It’ll make a difference.  

2 – You’re spending more on mobile web versus mobile in-app

While mobile web can be an effective wide-reaching strategy, consumers are actually spending 90% of their mobile time in-app rather than on the web. It behooves us all to spend more time investing in in-app strategies rather than web. Take a look at where your dollars are going and make sure it’s balanced towards the tendencies of your consumer, in-app. In-app may take more time and research on your part, but the rewards will be exponentially better than anything you put towards mobile web.

3 – You’re not targeting based on consumer data trends

When you employ a mobile ad campaign are you targeting your specific consumer? If not or  you are taking the stance that everyone is your consumer, hate to break it to you, but you’re doing it wrong. Assuming you’ve developed a consumer persona or slew of qualities that your particular consumer embodies, target against that information or make sure the mobile ad platform you are working with can target accordingly.

4 – You’re still relying on JUST clicks and impressions

There’s more to life than clicks and impressions. While these are still valuable metrics, you should be looking for more ways to determine your ads are reaching and engaging your consumers. For example, an Add-to-List CTA or Purchase Intent measurement tool is a great way to see a more detailed picture inside the mind of your consumer. Broaden the metrics you are tracking so that your success is based upon actions that actually reflect the intent of your consumer.

5 – You’re ignoring user experience

NEVER make the mistake of thinking user experience (UX) doesn’t matter in the advertising world. A consumer’s experience with your promotional content will reflect upon how they feel about and perceive your product, resulting in their inclination to purchase your product. Make it intentional and be true to your brand, but above all, make it a pleasant experience.

6 – You’re not utilizing retargeting tactics

At this point, retargeting, while oftentimes alarming to consumers, is a pretty important part of any advertising strategy. It should also come as no surprise that almost all CPG brands are implementing some sort of mobile retargeting strategy. Retargeting results in 1) increased brand recall/recognition, 2) increased engagement and 3) increased sales. Make sure your mobile campaigns are utilizing retargeting tactics and, if not, start today.

7 – You’re not appropriately tracking results

Just simply tracking results doesn’t always prove success. Mobile measurement can come in many forms, therefore, lean on your advertising platform or mobile tactic to help inform what the best success metrics are for your campaign. Sometimes it might be impressions or viewability, whereas other times it might be a significant increase in purchase intent, in-store foot traffic or the number of products added-to-list. Be smart about what you measure and make sure you can communicate successes to your team.

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