January 24, 2019

9 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful CPG Mobile Strategy

CPG marketers are constantly looking for effective ways to incorporate mobile into their digital mix with the goal of reaching consumers where they live. Mobile, while it can present an overwhelming number of options, can often be the most effective approach to reaching consumers closest to purchase or point-of-sale.

The smart CPG brands and retailers that manage to successfully adopt and implement the right mobile strategy see increased in-store traffic, revenue, and brand awareness, the result of reaching consumers through a more relevant and personal touch point, their phone.

Wondering what it takes to implement a successful mobile strategy in 2019? Here are 9 do’s and don’ts to ensure your mobile approach is a success.

DO Diversify Your Approach

Create a strategy that incorporates a variety of approaches. Similar to investing, you shouldn’t just put all your money into one mobile solution, like Facebook or Google, and expect to consistently see the best results. In mobile, it’s important to diversify your mix to make sure you’re reaching consumers in the right place and at the right time.

DON’T Be Something You’re Not

Stay consistent with your brand and make sure your mobile tactics are aligned with your brand standards. If you’re a back-to-basics, pantry-staple for families, a campaign including millennial influencers on Instagram may just be an expensive way to confuse your customers.

DO Think About Context and Timing

Find your consumers when they are in the grocery shopping mindset, whether actually in-store or planning for their next grocery trip, make sure to advertise when your target audience is looking for grocery, cooking or CPG product inspiration and in the right state-of-mind to engage with your brand.

DON’T Just Direct Your Consumers to Your Mobile Website

While it is often important to direct traffic to your website, mobile traffic does not often benefit from being directed to a website or landing page that does not allow them to take action in regards to your brand. They may learn more, but you won’t know if they actually intended to buy your product or not.


DO Help your Consumers with Action-Based Ads

Make it easy for consumers to interact with your mobile campaigns and look for ways to help them on their shopper journey. Utilizing a straightforward and helpful call-to-action is the best way to do this. Action-based ads like “Add-to-List” or “Save Recipe” are useful to consumers, while also showing their intent so CPGs can better understand how effective their mobile strategy is.

DON’T Implement Mobile as an Add-On

As the medium that literally travels with users everywhere throughout the day, mobile uniquely serves as a unifying thread that ultimately drives greater value for your entire campaign. When you embrace mobile in the early stages of strategy, you can more effectively integrate creative elements that maximize mobile’s potential and drive more impact for your broader marketing mix.

DO Build Upon the Consumers You Know

Retarget. Retarget. Retarget. Implement mobile technology that allows you to retarget the consumers you have already seen in your mobile campaigns. This information is like gold in the mobile world. Once a consumer has engaged in your mobile strategy, there is so much you can learn from them and moving forward you know they will react and/or engage with your ads.

DON’T Ignore Measurement

Measurement is the key to any successful advertising campaign, whether mobile or elsewhere, but it’s especially important to track the right metrics. Did your campaign drive traffic to the target retailer? Did your ads drive purchase intent? Were you able to raise significant awareness and can you prove that? Make sure the partners you work with provide valuable measurement tools to report on your mobile campaigns and ensure success.

DO Engage the Mobile App Consumer

Find a solution that allows you to reach consumers through the apps they use to plan and shop. This is important and very relevant to CPG brands and retailers since it allows them to reach the consumer in the right state-of-mind. With thousands of apps existing that help consumers grocery shop or plan for a grocery trip, it is important to make sure you are engaging this audience. For example, apps like Out of Milk, Buy Me a Pie or Listonic all provide native ad space to brands and retailers to reach their consumers.

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