December 13, 2022

AdAdapted's Molly McFarland Named Top Founder By Purpose Jobs

This year has certainly had its share of ups and downs. It’s true that the Midwest isn’t totally immune to the widespread tech layoffs that are happening on the coasts, but overall the Midwest tech community is still going strong. Times might be tough. Our community is tougher.

That’s because of the amazing people who make the Midwest tech community so supportive, empowering, and successful.

We often talk about all the companies in our community, but at the end of the day, companies are led by people.

So we’re taking the time to celebrate the purpose-driven people in our community who are doing great things at work and beyond.

Meet the 28 winners of the 2023 Purpose Awards.

Molly McFarland

Co-founder and CRO at AdAdapted, Ann Arbor

Molly McFarland, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Ann Arbor's AdAdapted, offers a unique perspective being a woman in the tech startup world. A native of Maine and graduate of Tulane, Molly began her career as a marketing professional and has since grown into an impressive, innovative and charismatic founder of a fast-growing advertising platform. Molly brings expertise in the mobile advertising environment, add-to-list solutions and extensive knowledge on how to reach consumers in an ever-changing ad space.

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