September 18, 2019

Brand Building Series: How are List-Building Analytics Changing the Way CPGs Advertise?

Category Spotlight: Water

Add-to-List (ATL) has quickly become a leading metric CPG brands use to measure ad campaign success. While the ATL metric itself is a powerful indication of purchase intent, Add-to-List campaign analytics also bring unique insights into specific consumer preferences and can show brands how to challenge and win against the overall category.

Through our Brand Building Series, we take a deep dive into different CPG categories and report on the insights collected from Add-to-List campaigns. This month we will be spotlighting the Water Category. Our insights come from a well-known large water brand that engaged Add-to-List via AdAdapted, the leading Add-to-List solution for CPGs. Here we answer the question “How are List-Building Analytics Changing the Way CPGs Advertise?” related specifically to the water category.

Brand Name Products are Getting on the List

High-Level Water Campaign Results:
  • 99% of people who have added a product to the list did not have it on their list previously
  • 59.8% of shoppers who added the client’s brand to their list were previously adding “water” or a competitor’s brand
  • Post campaign, the number of shoppers who were adding this specific brand of water organically (without being prompted by an advertisement) increased by 46%
  • 84% of shoppers crossed the product off their list, indicating this product was purchased as the consumer was shopping in-store
What this means for the industry:
  • We know consumers usually add generic names for products to their list (ie, water, eggs, bread) vs brand names. This explains why 99% of shoppers didn’t have the brand name for this advertiser on the list before. However, seeing these same consumers adding the product to their list from an ad proves that they are open to putting branded products on their list if the product is relevant and it’s easy to add (in this case through one-click-add-to-list ads).
  • We can also see the positive effects lasting beyond the campaign end-date, with the 46% increase organic list adds (consumers typing in the brand name on their list without help from an add-to-list ad)

Brand Specific List Action Volume Grows Over Time

  • While advertising on the AdAdapted platform, this particular large water brand saw a significant increase in brand-specific list actions.
  • The water category experienced a spike likely related to seasonal consumption in the summer months, however, the brand still took a significant share of the market as compared to generic “water” list activity.
What this means for the industry:
  • By examining list behavior trends, brands can predict when their category will peak or fall allowing them to have a better understanding of how their brand is performing against the category as a whole.
  • Furthermore, by tracking this type of category vs brand activity, a properly implemented Add-to-List campaign can help brands specifically target consumers who are adding generic items to their lists, increase brand awareness and even convert them to brand loyalists.

Brand Presence Index Shows Significant Increase

  • Like many CPGs, this water brand did not see their brand name landing on grocery shoppers’ digital lists organically prior to the Add-to-List campaign via AdAdapated.
  • This water brand came in at 5 on a 1-100 popularity index.
  • But exciting news, by the end of the Add-to-List campaign, this brand name water had jumped from 5 to 43 on the index, a 9x increase of their position among the competition.
What this means for the industry:
  • Branded list behavior is a critical part of raising awareness and increasing purchase intent.
  • Brands who engage their target audiences within grocery list apps, with an Add-to-List campaign, are capturing and encouraging branded list behavior.
  • Branded list behavior creates significant conversion from non-branded items over to branded products, specifically centered around promoted items.

Consumer Shopping Lists are No Longer a Crystal Ball

  • By utilizing a high and low indexing analysis we were able to see what products were most often on the list with this water brand and which ones were not.
  • Based on the analysis, we learned that items from the produce category tend to index high on this brand’s consumers’ lists, while pet supplies and health & beauty items indexed low.
What this means for the industry:
  • The only other way to get this type of insight is to partner with retailers (expensive).
  • CPGs can now come directly to the leading Add-to-List platform, AdAdapted, to learn what their consumers shop for and use this information to determine where to advertise / what brands to partner with / what messaging to use.

Understand How Your Brand’s Consumer Compares to the Category Consumer

  • Now, based on the high/low indexing analysis, we know shoppers who added the branded water were produce-focused.
  • But when we look at the water category as whole we see those who add just “water” indexed high with paper plates, ice, chips, mustard, and snacks.
What this means for the industry:
  • Every brand needs to learn how to stand out among others in their category.
  • If a brand knows how their individual consumer differs from the overall category, they can refine their advertising to expand their share of the market and more effectively target their right consumers.

About AdAdapted

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