September 1, 2022

How To Create a Secure Ad Strategy in an Inflated Environment

Security is everything in uncertain times. Making sure you feel confident in your ad strategy is critical whether you're a brand, agency or retailer. But how can you create an environment where you feel secure when the current landscape is so unstable? Prices are at astronomical highs, supply chain issues plague almost every category, and consumers are changing their shopping habits by the day. We’ve collected a few pointers on how to create a secure strategy amidst current uncertain times.

#1: Create a plan…and follow it!

This may seem like an obvious tip, but we are all guilty of making the perfect plan and then failing to execute it. Be thoughtful about your advertising plan, document your intentions and how you’ll measure them, and then do whatever you can to adhere to it. The measurement part is key! Set out KPIs that indicate success and go back to them to confirm you are hitting them. If you aren’t, change the plan and recalibrate.

#2: Go to your audience, don’t make them find you. 

Show up in places where your audience or consumers spend their time. Find contextual solutions that allow you to be where your consumers are naturally. If you are a CPG brand, find a partner that can provide a highly curated and targeted audience for grocery. A great example would be serving ads in a recipe or shopping list app. One example of a highly targeted audience available to CPGs is the AdAdapted network of apps that finds shoppers when they are building their grocery lists.  

#3: Be authentic!

Can’t stress this enough – being and staying authentic to your brand voice, quality, messaging, visuals, etc is critical to creating security for not only your brand, but also for consumers who are buying your brand. Consistency builds trust. Hard stop. Staying authentic to your intentions and not changing your message just to meet the needs of the current climate will create trust. Vacillating between messages or values will make consumers feel uneasy with your product and more likely to switch to another brand that feels more stable – especially during uncertain economic surroundings. Authenticity, communication, and commitment to core values can also be a great way to combat brand switching due to price hikes. 

#4: Engage shopping list marketing

Getting on the grocery list is a marketer's dream! Finding that level of interest and loyalty is unmatched. Shopping list marketing allows brands to find shoppers building their lists, promote products to them and encourage them to ad promoted products to their grocery lists. Woah! Clear action taken AND a reliable indication of purchase. Shopping list marketing can also impact ecommerce intentions by landing products in retailer carts for online purchase. 

We know that the current inflated economy is a challenging road bump for many, if not all brands. Working towards sure-footing is what most are searching for. If you’re looking for a partner to help along the way AdAdapted offers an intelligent approach that includes highly targeted, shopping list marketing tools for CPG brands, agencies and retailers to access. No other platform can get products on the list and in the cart like AdAdapted. Security comes in the form of getting aligned with partners like AdAdapted. Want to learn more?

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