September 9, 2022

How to Make Groceryshop 2022 Your Best Conference Yet

It’s that time of year again: Groceryshop is just around the corner. You’ve got your tickets, picked out attire, and nailed your pitch. What’s next? Whether this is your first time attending, or you’re a Groceryshop veteran, we’re here to help you make the most of your Groceryshop experience!

It’s that time of year again: Groceryshop is just around the corner. You’ve got your tickets, picked out attire, and nailed your pitch. What’s next? Whether this is your first time attending, or you’re a Groceryshop veteran, we’re here to help you make the most of your Groceryshop experience!

What To Expect

This year’s event is quickly shaping up to be the biggest yet. According to a recent Groceryshop  newsletter, the show floor and hosted meetings are completely sold out, with nearly 30% more sponsors this year than last. Expect to see more than 4,000 attendees composed of C-Level execs and decision makers, 200+ speakers, 100+ media outlets and analysts, plus the first ever Groceryfest, featuring live performances, food stations, and an open-bar.

Amidst all this excitement it's easy to feel disorganized and lose sight of the usefulness of being at the conference. That’s why we are sharing some tips and details that’ll help you navigate this year’s Groceryshop like a pro. 

The Basics

Per usual, Groceryshop 2022 is being held in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay the week of September 19, 2022. The show is happening Monday through Thursday. Exhibit Hall hours are 10am - 6pm on Tuesday (9/20) and Wednesday (9/21). Click here for a more detailed schedule of events.

What Should I Wear? 

The age old question – what to wear? If you’re anything like us, you know this is an important question because 1) lots of first impressions and 2) comfort is key. Officially, the conference website says “business casual,” but that’s fairly vague. Here’s what our team recommends:

  • Professional, yet approachable: No need for the full suit, but make sure you snag a button-down or zhuzh up your favorite t-shirt with a blazer. Bring your style a-game, but remember comfort is key!
  • Start-up chic: Dress like you are heading into an investor meeting and you want to show your personality, but also want to exude confidence that you can manage mega-bucks to propel your company. 
  • Comfort > everything! Ok, ok, so we’ve said it a few times now, but truly cannot impress this enough. You’ll be walking and talking and walking some more. And even after the conference is over you might head down the strip for dinner with your favorite new advertising platform (AdAdapted – shameless plug!) and you’ll want that comfort. Snag your favorite Vejas, Adidas, Nikes, Allbirds, or other and prioritize comfort for your tootsies above all else. 

Use your apparel as a marketing tool whatever you decide. And let your personality shine through! Attire is one of the best ways to make a strong and lasting first impression. 

Who’s Going to Be There?

The conference website boasts 4,000+ attendees with 25% of them being C-Level Executives. Startups and established CPG brands, retailers, eCommerce leaders, and more will be there. 

There are also 204 grocery industry icons lined up to speak at the event (Speaker List). Some noteworthy presenters include brands like PepsiCo, Campbell Soup Company, and Olipop, as well as retailers like Kroger, Whole Foods and Walmart. Even more exciting, Ethan Goodman, a longtime friend of AdAdapted, is lined up to speak at Groceryshop. Excited to see you there, Ethan! 

Pro-Tips for Attendees

It's tough to squeeze every last benefit out of attending conferences. And, oftentimes, as the few attendees from your company, you are responsible for bringing back all the takeaways and great information to your team. Here are a few pro-tips to help make this conference one of the best yet for you and your company. 

Take Notes

Sure you can scan badges and take business cards, but after your 100 millionth conversation, it’s going to be difficult to remember, well, almost anything. After meeting with someone, jot down the highlights: What are their needs? What are their offerings? How enthused were they about the conversation? What did you love about their booth? All of these questions or notes that you’ll take will keep your memory of the interaction vivid, as well as make for killer personalized outreach post-event.

Be Present

In our current climate it's difficult to remain present at all times. We get it! But try not to become overwhelmed by the event. Stay hydrated, take an extra swig of coffee, put your best smile on AND put your phone down. No one wants to stand there talking to you while you’re looking at your phone. There’s going to be a lot happening, which means if your head is down (or in your phone!) there will be a lot you’ll miss.

Introduce Yourself to EVERYONE!

Groceryshop is ultimately a networking event so capitalize on this and strike up conversations everywhere you go with anyone you see. Everyone is in the same boat and expects to meet and talk to new people. If you’re more of an introvert, you might need to break out of your comfort zone: that's okay! It'll be worth it. 

And, a little expert tip, no matter what kind of conversationalist you are, hype yourself up with a power pose or positive affirmations in front of your mirror before heading out to the conference floor. This will give you that extra boost of confidence you’ll need to make it through all the awesome people you’ll meet! 

Listen and Ask Questions More Than Talk

Don’t be the person who makes the conversation all about them. Most people really enjoy being asked questions about their interests, lives, etc. Show interest and listen to people’s responses. And, be careful not to always be thinking about the next thing you are going to say. This type of rapport will go a long way in making strong connections. 

Get the Most Out of Groceryshop 2022

Set yourself up for success before you even enter Mandalay Bay:

Connect Prior to the Event

Establish connections with attendees or speakers you’d love to meet via your social channels, email, or LinkedIn connections. If you see them posting about Groceryshop, reach out! Consider creating a landing page for your connections to easily sign-up to chat – for example, click here to see ours😉! Not only does it feel great to enter the show knowing you already have meetings booked, but it will help create comradery pre-event. By the time you arrive at the show, you’ll be met with excitement and buzz around you and/or your organization.

Plan Your Speaker Sessions

There’ll be over 200 world-class speakers presenting over four days - figure out what’s important to you and your team before arriving at the show.

Get Some Sleep! 

Obvious, but important – you’ll be on your feet, socializing, learning, networking, and more for three to four full days, not to mention evening dinners and late night cocktail hours. It’s enough to exhaust a marathon runner. To be on your a-game, discipline yourself to schedule in time for a good night’s rest.

And lastly, the #1 conference pro tip = WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES

Groceryshop is an incredible event, full of new connections, opportunities, and experiences. It can be overwhelming if you’re under-prepared so take the time to get yourself organized using our tips and recommendations above. And get ready because it’s going to be a blast!

Oh, and swing by booth #915 to say “hi” to the friendly folks at AdAdapted :)

Meet With Us At Groceryshop!
Meet With Us At Groceryshop!

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