April 18, 2021

More CPG Spend Going to Shopper Marketing in 2019, According to a Recent Survey

This year, CPGs are upping their spend in Shopper Marketing, specifically into digital and mobile channels. How does your organization compare?

Shopper Marketing Magazine released their 2019 Trends Report and they are predicting a year of high growth for the discipline. They received responses from 81 marketing executives representing consumer goods brands. Here’s what their answers revealed:

In general, CPG marketing execs expect to see:

  • An increase in Shopper Marketing Budgets (36% of execs)
  • Shopper Marketing Budgets increase by 5% or more (19% of execs)

Who in the organization values Shopper Marketing?

Organizational buy-in is part of the reason these budgets are expected to increase. When asked their opinion of who in their organization values Shopper Marketing, execs thought top management, sales, and brand marketers were top proponents whereas media buyers and finance tended to seem more like detractors.  

Who values Shopper Marketing?

  • Upper Management (67% say yes)
  • Salesforce (81% say yes)
  • Brand marketers (89% say yes)
  • Media Buying (54% say no)
  • Finance (63% say no)

What Key Initiatives does Shopper Marketing drive?

Outside of internal buy-in, these marketing execs believe in Shopper Marketing’s ability to drive key initiatives for their organization. When asked what are the top 3 benefits of shopper marketing to their organization, marketing execs answered:

  • Increased retailer support (72%)
  • Sales (70%)
  • Brand Awareness (64%)

Where will the Increased Budgets go?

Shopper marketing has evolved. That trend was apparent when execs described where their companies will invest more (or less) in 2019:

  • 88% say they’ll invest more in digital
  • 65% say more will specifically go into mobile advertising
  • 77% say they’ll spend less on traditional media
  • 58% say they’ll spend less on trade promotions


According to the 81 execs that responded to Shopper Marketing Magazine’s survey, shopper marketing will see an increase in spending and more dollars will be allocated to digital and specifically mobile. If your company is considering the same course, come see how AdAdapted is reaching mobile consumers as they plan and shop.

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