September 28, 2021

New Collaboration Brings Brand and Basket Building to Tasty Social Network

AdAdapted, Northfork and BuzzFeed partner to offer more solutions to consumers hungry for ideas and convenience

It’s become a new front in reaching consumers who are scrolling their devices on a near-constant basis and exploring recipes to fit their shifting lifestyles: pairing social content and online basket building. A fresh take on that approach comes from shopping list marketing and insights platform AdAdapted, which is partnering with the popular social food network, Tasty from BuzzFeed, and recipe shopping provider Northfork.

The new partnership provides an “add to bag” service for brands and enables Tasty viewers to choose items for scheduled pickup or delivery at Walmart stores around the country. Through Northfork’s technical foundation and AdAdapted’s one-click technology, brands can reach consumers at the right time and discover their real-time purchase intent. In turn, users can easily find, order and pick up ingredients for meals that interest them. Tasty, which has integrated Walmart shopping into its platform, offers more than 6,000 recipes.

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