April 7, 2022

Summer Grilling Series: Correlated Products

When you think of summer grilling, some of the first few items that come to mind are hot dogs, burgers, and buns. Of course, there are many other items required to entertain on a hot summer weekend!

Most shoppers come up with extensive lists to help themselves remember all the meats, condiments, and snacks they will need. With years of expertise in mobile list-building habits, AdAdapted knows weeks and months ahead of time which foods shoppers will add to their lists.

As we continue our Summer Grilling Series, this blog will focus on:

  • The main foods shoppers add to their lists in the summer months
  • What other items are commonly found on their lists
  • Determining some material differences between shoppers who add different items


Perhaps the most summer grilling food of them all! While shoppers generally tend to add hot dogs to their lists at elevated rates in the summer, hot dogs were one of many items that experienced a spring and summer boost in 2020, coinciding with a significant pandemic trend of planned, in-store shopping. 

While hot dog transactions were generally lower in the summer of 2021 vs. 2019, late 2021 and early 2022 have been similar to pre-pandemic levels.

The chart below shows the items most frequently added to the lists of shoppers who added hot dogs. Unsurprisingly, shoppers often pair buns and other grilling items with hot dogs. Hot dog shoppers are also likely to add easy-to-prepare items popular with children, such as mac and cheese, fries, chicken nuggets, graham crackers, and tater tots. 


In 2021, burgers spent eight out of 12 months at add-to-list levels higher than in 2019.

Compared to hot dog shoppers, burger shoppers have a higher affinity for grilling-related foods and complementary items. High indexing terms still include buns, brats, and potato salad but now omit kid-friendly staples like mac and cheese and chicken fingers in favor of items such as American cheese, ribs, and pickles.


While hot dogs and burgers are typically the main meats of any good summer grilling event, ketchup is often an essential condiment. However, if you expected shoppers to add similar items to their lists as hot dog and burger shoppers, you might be surprised. 

Ketchup shoppers show a high propensity to add other condiments to their lists at the same time. Mustard, of course, is the highest indexing item, followed by bbq sauce, ranch, and mayonnaise.  

Additionally, ketchup shoppers appear to like sweet toppings such as syrup and jelly. When taking in the high-indexing items for ketchup, it seems that ketchup shoppers need several toppings to keep their households happy!


Not all summer grilling items are created equal! Shoppers express varying preferences for adjacent items depending on which staples they add to their lists. 

To learn more about the items shoppers add to their lists before heading to the store and how to ensure they add your branded products, reach out to info@adadapted.com.

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