May 23, 2019

The Ultimate Add-to-List Glossary

CPG advertisers that want to bridge the measurement gap between their online ad strategies and consumers’ offline shopping activities need to look no further than digital grocery lists.

As smartphones become an increasingly critical tool for everyday life, consumers are relying more and more on mobile apps for grocery shopping. Grocery List Apps not only help them keep track of what they need to buy, but also provide an easy reference in-store to ensure nothing is forgotten.

For CPGs and Retailers considering an advertising strategy that includes Grocery Apps and getting their products on the list, here are some need-to-know terms that will help as you plan.

Need to Know Add-to-List Glossary Terms

Grocery App: These are the mobile apps that consumers use to make shopping easier. Check out some highlights of top Grocery apps here 10 Mobile Apps CPG Advertisers Should Know About.

  • 100MM+ US consumers use a mobile app during planning or while they are shopping for groceries in-store.
  • Grocery apps include apps that consumers use to make grocery lists, find coupons/rebates, organize recipes, keep track of special promotions, even order groceries online.  

Grocery List App: Mobile apps that consumers use to build and maintain lists they can reference in-store during their next shopping trip.

  • Add-It Ads: AdAdapted ads that are equipped with an “Add-to-List” button. When consumers click on an Add-It ad, the promoted product automatically gets added to that consumer’s Grocery List in their favorite Grocery List App
  • Native Add-It: Ads served within the grocery list app. Ads are formatted to fit the unique look and feel of the app in which they’re served.

Add-It Standard Banners: Ads targeting shoppers outside of their favorite grocery list app. Ads are standard mobile sizes, but are equipped with the unique ability to place the promoted product onto an in-app shopping list and feature a customized “Add-to-List” button.

Add-to-List: Metric for measuring conversion on Add-It ads. Describes the action a user takes after seeing an Add-It ad, where they click and the promoted product gets added to their list.

Purchase Intent: Every time a consumer clicks an Add-It ad, they reveal an intent to purchase the promoted product. As 81% of shoppers say they buy “everything on their shopping list” (AdAdapted audience poll), advertisers can feel confident that an “Add-to-List” correlates directly with Purchase Intent.

Keyword Intercept: AdAdapted will trigger ads for promoted products in the “right place/right time”. When shoppers are in the process of adding a relevant product to their grocery list from a pre-defined list of terms, AdAdapted will trigger an ad for a specific product.

Basket Analysis: Insights generated from AdAdapted’s proprietary integrations with Grocery List Apps. Our data reveals what’s on consumer lists, relationships between specific products, trends over time, correlations between categories and specific brands, and more.

Aware/Content: Ads served in Grocery Apps. Ads click to content supporting promoted products. Content types include “recipes”, “tips & tricks”, and “product guides”.

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