November 19, 2021

Use It or Lose It! Solutions for Advertisers EOY Budget Scramble

For most people, the holidays are the happiest time of the year. For many mobile marketers, though, the scramble to exhaust budgets can be extremely stressful; if left unspent, they may be left with less in 2022!

Of course, it is a little more complicated than finding a single vendor and spending all remaining budget with that partner. Limited time remains to evaluate new partners, and known vendors might not have the ability to launch campaigns quickly enough or accommodate larger spend totals. Additionally, the chosen option must have proven performance and actionable insights.

For CPG brands and their agencies, Shopping List Marketing is a proven, efficient way to offload end-of-year budgets. There are several reasons to consider digital grocery lists in the closing weeks of 2021:

  • Timing: With shoppers reaching peak levels of holiday consumption, it will be more important than ever to engage them while they are in a grocery state-of-mind. AdAdapted specializes in reaching consumers during pre-shop, planning and making trips to the store, and knows which shoppers are most likely to add promoted products to their lists.
  • Quick Go-Live: While AdAdapted normally requires 10 business days for campaign launch, several campaigns have gone live within 48 hours.
  • Inventory: Not all vendors can accommodate a sudden influx of spend and provide inventory flexibility to allow for new campaigns in a short period of time. However, AdAdapted has the ability to incorporate new clients and products without disrupting planned campaigns.

If you’d like to learn more about the leading solution in Shopping List Marketing, talk to one of our team members to see why top 100 CPG brands are choosing AdAdapted for their EOY spend!

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