November 20, 2020

What Should Advertisers Do with Remaining Budget?

We all know the saying…

Use it or lose it!

It’s that time again for mobile marketers; the end of the year is quickly approaching, but not all of your budget has been spent yet. If it goes unused, you may be left with less next year!

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as picking a vendor and spending all excess budget in one place. Limited time remains to find new partners, while known partners might not have the ability to launch a campaign quickly enough. Those chosen should still inspire confidence in performance and provide actionable insights that will be useful in future campaigns.

For CPGs and their agencies, grocery list app advertising provides an efficient way to offload end-of-year budget. Here are a few reasons to consider digital grocery lists in the closing weeks of 2020:

  • Quick Go-Live: While AdAdapted normally requires 10 business days for campaign launch, several recent campaigns have gone live within 48 hours of paperwork being signed.

  • Inventory: Not all vendors can accommodate a sudden influx of spend and provide inventory flexibility to allow for new campaigns in a short period of time. However, AdAdapted has the ability to incorporate new clients and products without disrupting planned campaigns.

  • Timing: With shoppers reaching peak levels of holiday consumption, it will be more important than ever to engage them while they are in a grocery state-of-mind. AdAdapted specializes in reaching consumers during pre-shop, planning and making trips to the store, and knows which shoppers are most likely to add promoted products to their lists.

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