July 12, 2022

Q2 2022 Quarterly Index: What's Trending with Grocery List Builders?

Changes are certainly happening this year and AdAdapted’s quarterly index has documented some of what has changed with grocery list builders and their list building tendencies.

No surprise to anyone that covid related items are still seeing an uptick from years prior particularly in Q2. Last year at this time concern was starting to wane as we went into summer, but this year is different. Items like “covid test” and “N95 masks” will likely continue to surge in the coming months due to continued concern regarding the virus particularly as we go into the fall. 

Due to strategic marketing campaigns “Hellman real mayonnaise” and “chick-fil-a sauce” are seeing a sharp upswing. Hellman’s “Mayo Tackles Food Waste” campaign during the super bowl is likely partly to credit for this increased presence on grocery lists. And Chick-fil-a has seen a significant resurgence in the last year so no big surprise that their crowd favorite sauce has also seen increased list presence. 

AdAdapted's Q2 2022 Quarterly Index At-a-Glance

On the downside, we see “egg dye” indicating that this past easter consumers were either dying less Easter eggs or choosing to use more natural dies for their egg activities. “Pringles” also saw a significant downturn which could be due to either a failed "Stuck on You" marketing campaign for Pringles or the highly successful super bowl campaign from Lays

“Red food coloring” is also down and this might be due to the potential links to ADHD and other harmful health concerns. Lastly, “tomato puree” down due to recent tomato shortages. We often see lower list presence from years prior when certain products are experiencing shortages or supply chain issues. 

Have any other thoughts on why these changes are taking place? We’d love to hear from you. Please send us your thoughts → info@adadapted.com.

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