March 7, 2022

Why Brands Should Launch New Products With Shopping List Marketing

When it comes to unveiling new products, there are several challenges that marketers face as they look to drum up both consumer awareness and buy-in from grocers and additional distributors. It's a tough market

This week, we are back at Expo West for the first time in two years to discover what’s trending in the natural, organic and healthy products industry. During the event, many brands will be debuting new and innovative products, including real cheese snacks, graham cracker sandwiches and dairy-free probiotic oat beverages. These businesses have all put in time, energy and resources to create unique and innovative products for consumers. 

However, when it comes to unveiling new products, there are several challenges that marketers face as they look to drum up both consumer awareness and buy-in from grocers and additional distributors. It's a tough market. In fact, an average of 30,000 new products launch each year. Yet, according to Nielsen, 15% of new consumer packaged goods products are still around in two years time.

To succeed, brands will need to support the launch of new products with strategic marketing that reaches the right customers and drives sales. 

The Challenges to Introducing New Products

Driving Awareness

One of the biggest challenges of launching a new product is spreading the word. Marketers have the important task of telling the brand’s story and creating meaningful connections that lead to purchase results.

To successfully increase awareness, brands must be equipped with data to find and influence the consumers who will be most receptive to a brand’s message and intercept them in planning mode or in-store before they purchase.

Competing With Established Brands

Small and emerging brands are competing with large and established brands’ resources. It’s a fight to introduce a new product into the market and convince shoppers to test it out. 

Marketers need a way to reach their ideal shoppers and drive trial by getting their products on digital shopping lists or into carts before consumers have a chance to choose a competitive brand. 

Encouraging Repeat Purchase After Trial

Marketers’ top priority has always been turning curious visitors into returning and loyal customers. Once brands get a shopper into the store and trial their product, they must have a strategy to retain them. 

Getting repeat customers requires growing the brand and building brand persistence. By continually reaching shoppers at critical shopping moments, marketers can build lasting brand loyalty. 

Shopping List Marketing Capitalizes on Shopper-Intent

To combat the challenges of launching new products, marketers can tap into Shopping List Marketing, an innovative technology that allows marketers to find and influence consumers when they are building their shopping list. Shopping List Marketing can serve as a vital solution to helping companies in the natural products vertical capitalize on shopper-intent and engage their target shoppers via contextual advertising. With one simple solution, brands can get their new products directly onto shopping lists and into shopping carts. 

The following are some examples how an emerging CPG brand, Hydrant, used Shopping List Marketing to address common challenges experienced by emerging brands:

Driving Awareness

Hydrant, a drink mix brand that previously had only been available to consumers online, was introducing products to stores in 2021. To build awareness about their expanded availability, they moved beyond influencer marketing and leveraged shopping lists. 

The campaign educated shoppers about the Hydrant’s availability in stores and encouraged them to add promoted products to mobile lists and online retailer carts. 96% of shoppers that added Hydrant did not have the brand on their list previously.

Competing With Established Brands

In addition to converting shoppers that had generic or branded products over to Hydrant at a 96% rate, the brand purchased keyword search terms within grocery list apps. This enabled the brand to present promoted products over 55,000 times to searching shoppers.

Encouraging Repeat Purchase After Trial

35.6% shoppers who interacted with the Shopping List Marketing campaign organically added the item to their list after the advertising ceased. “Seeing our growth over time is really important,” said Christina DeVecchis, VP of Marketing at Hydrant. “It proves our marketing is having a continuous impact, even when our campaigns aren’t in market.”

AdAdapted’s powerful list data and Shopping List Marketing solution support marketers with their product launch goals. We offer both managed services and self-service options to help brands at any point in their growth engage shoppers while they plan and make trips to the store.

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