December 12, 2022

Top 4 Trends in CPG Digital Advertising That'll Elevate Your Brand in 2023

Most of you might still in the throws of getting 2022 wrapped up and some of you are well into planning for 2023. Regardless, reviewing upcoming trends is great way to start off your new year strategy.

Most of you might still be in the throws of getting 2022 wrapped up, and some of you are well into planning for 2023. Regardless, reviewing upcoming trends is a great way to start your new year strategy. To make your life easier, AdAdapted has pulled together a list of the top four 2023 digital advertising trends that will help your brand soar into the new year.


Don’t underestimate the power of snackable video content. CPGs especially should be looking to video to promote the values their brand offers consumers. As you start thinking about what video content to plan for, ensure you are partnering with various advertising tools that help disseminate your strong video content. 

AdAdapted recently rolled out a shoppable video product that ties video to a shoppable ad allowing the consumer to add the promoted product directly to their preferred retailer cart. Make sure you have a partner like AdAdapted or another tech solution that makes your video content actionable.


It’s a tale as old as time and nothing new for 2023, but reaching shoppers at all phases and places continues to be a top priority. The 2023 CPG shopper comes at grocery shopping from many angles; in-store, online, pick-up, etc. It is critical to reach them in all these places; however, efficiency matters. Make sure your brand is aligned with various solutions to have the ability to reach shoppers exactly where they are and when they are thinking about grocery shopping.


Shoppers don’t want or like seeing ads that mean nothing to them. In 2023, consumers will expect more of a personal and customized shopping experience. Some personalization trends include AI technology, while other customization trends include a more conversational approach through chatbots, personal assistants, and highly personalized emails. 

Another approach to customizing the shopping experience is implementing targeting based on shopping list or cart planning behavior. AdAdapted offers a solution where brands can reach consumers in real-time and promote products that align with their search queries or list-building tendencies.


Brands cannot ignore the Gen Z powerhouse on the horizon. While Millennials currently represent the largest group of consumers and the Baby Boomers still have the most significant buying power, Gen Z's spending power is on the rise. Brands need to be aware of the impact that Gen Z can have. They value authenticity and morality in the brands they buy. And even though their buying power isn’t the highest (yet), if a Gen Z’er doesn't agree with the morals of a company or feels lied to by a brand, many of them will boycott the brand entirely and will get their friends to do so as well. Most brands are familiar with Baby Boomers and Millennials but pay attention to Gen Z. You don’t want to get caught in their crosshairs. 

Furthermore, Gen Z and Millenials still prioritize in-store shopping, but with a physical or digital list in hand. According to a recent Acosta study, 59% of Millennials and 51% of Gen Zs create grocery lists before making purchases. You can use a solution like AdAdapted, the leading shoppable media solution for CPG brands, to reach all generations at the right time and place to impact purchases. 

Looking to learn more about how you can adhere to the best possible strategy for your brand as you head into 2023? Reach out to AdAdapted to learn more about add-to-list, add-to-cart, and shoppable video solutions.

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