March 30, 2023

3 Reasons Your Brand Isn’t Making The List

Be it through promoted social posts, website builders, or SEO tools, digital marketing is more affordable and accessible than ever before; however, brands large and small are continuously struggling to capture the attention of consumers. Perhaps the accessibility of digital advertising in itself is causing challenges for your brand; how do you break through the noise when everyone is trying to do the same? Maybe you manage a very large brand, but your product is seen as easily substitutable; how can you retain loyalty if consumers are switching to generic (or worse: competitor) brands?

Building and preserving brand loyalty is a moving target for nearly every company. So how can you ensure shoppers enter the store searching for your branded product, rather than some generic substitute? Here are 3 reasons why your brand may not be making the shopping list (and our tips for getting on the list!): 

1. You Need To Alter How Consumers Perceive Your Brand

If you hail from Michigan, you know that a staple of every party store is the 99 cent bottle of Faygo. For those unaware, it’s an ultra-sweet, ultra-cheap soda pop brand known best for its “Rock & Rye” and “Redpop” flavors. Over the last few years, however, an increasing number of restaurants and stores started offering the beverage as something of a “boutique” choice: rather than neon-colored plastic bottles, the classic Faygo flavors are packaged in stylish, retro-themed glass bottles. 

Continuing the theme of soda pop, maybe you’ve noticed the large displays of “Starry” decorating the floors of grocery chains everywhere. As of 2023, this is PepsiCo’s new mainline lemon-lime beverage and competitor of Sprite. According to Industry Dive, Starry is PepsiCo’s latest effort in reaching Gen Z shoppers, while simultaneously replacing the poorly-selling Sierra Mist line.

As evidenced by Faygo and PepsiCo, even large brands need to adapt to meet the evolving needs of their customers. If your brand has a solid presence, but growth seems to be stagnant (or even slowly decreasing), maybe it’s time to evaluate the alignment of your current offering with the changing desires of your audience. Alternatively, as in the case of PepsiCo’s “Starry,” consider whether you need to rebrand (or even retarget) entirely.

2. You’re Being Drowned Out By Competitors

How many snack food brands can you name off the top of your head? How about clothing brands? Beer brands? Nearly every vertical is overflowing with different brands trying to capture their market share. If you find yourself in this position, consider marketing alternatives to build closer relationships, and even communities, with your consumers. 

With a low entry barrier and minimal activation costs, social media is one of the easiest avenues to start building consumer relationships. According to a report from The Influencer Marketing Factory, 97% of Gen Z consumers (born after 1997) use social media as their top source of shopping inspiration, with 40% following their preferred brands on these platforms. The idea is simple: reach consumers where they live digitally in order to facilitate a more genuine connection. By keeping up with trends and understanding the values of your audience, it’s easier to create meaningful, more impactful content. Not only will your message resonate in a stronger way, but consumers may feel a sense of pride in identifying with your brand. As the Harvard Business Review states: “Feeling a sense of community may also help buyers to rationalize their purchases, because affirmation is perceived or confirmed when they buy the same things that others are buying.”

3. You Need To Refresh Your Targeting Strategy

While social media is an incredible resource for building relationships direct to consumers, brands need to continuously explore innovative avenues to maintain an edge over the competition. When evaluating methods to improve your marketing strategy, consider vendor partnerships. These vendors can equip your brand with otherwise unavailable technologies to help you better capitalize on innovative ways to increase awareness or drive sales. As an example, AdAdapted helps brands establish loyalty through a data-driven approach. AdAdapted drives trial and repeat purchases by connecting brand partners with category-relevant consumers based upon prior engagement and activity. Taking it a step further, AdAdapted’s New Shoppable Video Ads pair our unique offerings with the growing demand for video content: “Research has shown that video achieves greater engagement than does text or still photography” according to HBR, with Forbes stating “61% of [Gen Z consumers] are specifically interested in watching more video content.” 

In Closing

While consumer demands are always evolving, technology and solutions are adapting right alongside them. Taking the time to understand how your brand is perceived will help you effectively understand and connect with your audience. Going beyond relationship-building via content, strategic partnerships may provide you with the resources, insights, and capabilities you need to stay top of mind during the shopper’s journey. Better yet, find yourself a partner that can guarantee you a spot on the list.

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