April 14, 2022

Summer Grilling Series: Popular Summer Grilling Staples

We’ve made it to the final post in our Summer Grilling Series (and some may say we’ve saved the best for last), bringing you the most popular summer grilling items on consumers’ grocery lists! From favored proteins to preferred condiment brands, we have ranked the top ten items in multiple categories based on shopper list data. Discover if your favorites rank! 

Let’s kick things off in the red meats and pork category. Add-to-list info indicates that versatile “ground beef” outranks “hot dogs” and “sausage” as the most popular category items. “Hamburger,” “pork chops,” and “steak” take up the middle of the pack in rankings. “Italian sausage,” “hamburgers/burgers,” “meat,” and “pork tenderloins” round out the top ten. 

Jimmy Dean ranks number one in the combined vegetarian and meat brand category. Closely following, Beyond and Impossible are the most popular plant-based brand terms making consumers’ grocery lists. Find the remaining mix of popular conventional and veggie meat brands making lists on the chart above. 

Burgers and ‘dogs are not complete without the buns, so what type of bun outranks them all on shoppers’ grocery lists? Hamburger buns! Hot dog buns are a close second on customers’ lists, with simple “buns” coming in number three. More specific styles of buns, like brioche, slider, and hoagie buns, make up the remainder of the list. 

Top Bun and Bread Brands

A few of the tasty bun and bread brands we find frequently added to grocery lists include Dave’s at number one, followed by Sara Lee, Ezekiel 4:9, Thomas, and King’s. The popularity of organic brands like Dave’s Killer Bread and Ezekiel 4:9 is notable in this competitive category. 

After reading all of this grilling data, let’s ketchup for a second. I mean, this info is sort of a big dill! Okay, you know where these puns are going. Of course, no summer grilling study is complete without delicious condiments, so let’s relish our last few stats as we continue. 

Unsurprisingly, “ketchup” is the number one condiment making it onto shoppers’ grocery lists, with “ranch” and “mayonnaise/mayo” terms following closely behind. Items rounding out the remainder of the top condiments include “mustard,” “bbq sauce,” “salad dressing,” hot sauce,” “relish,” and “Italian dressing.”

Regarding mayo, buyers indicate a strong brand preference, with Miracle Whip topping the brand keywords in the condiment category. Hot sauce also has a strong showing among condiment brand terms, with Frank’s Red Hot and Tabasco coming in at two and four, respectively. Megabrand, Kraft, sneaks in at number three, representing various condiments, and Hellman’s rounds out the top five brand category condiment add-to-list terms. 

Time to extinguish the flame on our Summer Grilling Blog Series. For more grocery list insights, check out our first summer grilling installment highlighting how plant-based proteins are heating up this year or our feature on items consumers are adding to carts alongside traditional grilling staples.

As always, reach out to us at info@adadapted.com to learn more about how we can help you get your products on shoppers’ lists this summer and beyond. 

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